Nom Nom Nom Food Adventure 2017 @ Nu Sentral

Hi there my dear merry goers!

I had an epic Food Cheat Day a while back thanks to Nu Sentral for the Nom Nom Nom Makan Day Out. Honestly, after healthy eating and dieting because of my recent change in eating habits, it was time to LET IT GO~

In conjunction with their third year operating as the first transumer (transit consumer) lifestyle mall in Malaysia, NU Sentral collaborated with their prominent F&B tenants for a day of food-filled fun treat for their media partners and bloggers. Named as Nom Nom Nom @ Nu Sentral, not only were we treated to a complimentary ride via Uber who sponsored the event with free rides but we also explored the 8 level shopping centre for FOOD!

Awesome how Uber made it so easy to travel to Nu Sentral which means no more searching for parking space plus arriving right at the doorstep just in time for food. Plus just imagine after eating for one whole day.. food coma ain't an issue anymore when you have Uber to send you back home safe and sound. After a short briefing, it was time for us to explore and we had a maximum of 12 outlets where we can fully eat until our hearts content and mind you we had that in mind!

I actually hit the gym (Celebrity Fitness) at Nu Sentral before the event so that my body and tummy are well ready to MAKAN ;) The The F&B outlets range from those who feature local food such as Aroma Village, La Cucur, PappaRich, Teh Tarik Place and The Chicken Rice Shop to western food such as Hoagies Hauz, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, The Manhattan FISH MARKET, Paddington House of Pancakes and BUILT Custom Burgers. We were also treated to Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and fusion dishes as B. bap Korean Food, DubuYo, Sushi Tei, Dolly Dim Sum, Franco, and The Gravy Factory were also included in the list of participating tenants. Not to forget, beverages and deserts offered by Secret Recipe, La Juiceria and Milkshake Factory.

Without further ado... let's start on my makan journey all within the vicinity of Nu Sentral. If you follow me on my social media accounts (Instagram: @miriam_hk) I'm sure you would have known that we successfully hit the target with 12 outlets within that day. First up was Franco. I've heard that they have some rather mouth-watering food and dessert choices so I was sure excited to try them out. We ordered their Squid Ink Rice which my food partner-in-crime have been eyeing on and also their Lobster Bisque Pasta.

No doubt, it did not disappoint us with the rich Lobster Bisque and would you just look at the size of that Lobster? So good and rich, it hit the taste at all the right notes full of seafood goodness. But do bear in mind that it could get rather heavy especially for those who are not really a fan of seafood. Since I was trying to incorporate more seafood into my diet, this really hit the mark.

The Squid Ink Rice was a delight to enjoy as well with fluffy buttery rice well colored and infused with the squid ink. Definitely not a meal to order on the first date out if you don't want your teeth to be stained black but so good you should order this. Paired with fluffy egg omelette and some seafood on the side like scallops and squid, no wonder my partner in crime specifically ordered this dish.

Just to sweeten things up a bit, we ordered their Signature Franco French Toast which I have heard my friends raving about. Fluffy thick cut toast with whipped cream and drizzle of honey, it's like a comfort food plus definitely insta-worthy. My personal thoughts: Not really as raving as I expected it to be but still an enjoyable dessert.

Just the first stop and I'm already starting to fill my tummy filling up! Definitely need to pace down on the amount of food we are eating. But... next stop: BUILT Custom Burgers which I have been eyeing when I saw that they were on the list of participating outlets. Off we went to to customize our dream burgers and because we could, we actually ordered a Double Patty Beef Burger with Brioche Bun, Grilled Pineapple, Sauteed Mushrooms, Peppers with a side of Sweet Potato Sauce.

It is really simple to customize your burger and you can even go bunless which another of my eating partner in crime did! He ordered a 'salad' which had no greens at all but just pure meaty goodness! Just look at that carnivourous portion of meat. Soooo sinful but that's what a cheat day is called.

Our customized burger was a delight to savor. Cutting into the meat was glorious with the juicy beef patty, nicely tenderized and seasoned paired with their sauce and I got the Gouda cheese for my cheese selection. After my stay in Amsterdam, I'm telling you that Gouda cheese is the BOMB! Especially matured Gouda Cheese. Thank God we ordered this burger to share or else I'm telling you my quota would have been maxed. Sweet potato fries were amazing and I was lucky enough to be able to order the last serving of it. BUILT Custom Burgers is definitely a must try.

Next stop: Sushi Tei! Since we had friends already dining there, we decided to calm down and head over for some zen Japanese cuisine. Ordering 3 dishes to share among the 6 of us, my tummy still had space for some fresh cut sashimi. Soft Shell Crab salad was delight to enjoy although there was a slight fiasco in the beginning. I was technically taking this opportunity to wash down that sinful goodness from BUILT with their Green Tea.

Honestly, at the third place I could fill my tummy really starting to fill up but this mission has to go on so off we went to Teh Tarik Place for a cuppa teh tarik and to chill and chat. This was like a pit stop before proceeding on with the rest of the race especially when we realized some of the other teams were already at their 6th stop!

Time to pick up the pace and off we headed to Dolly Dim Sum which I heard serves some of the best Halal dimsum options. We ordered three of their sets which came with one of my must order Golden Custard Bun! Every single time I go for dimsum, I HAVE TO order my custard bun!

Ain't no stopping me from bursting the skin and seeing that golden custard ooooozeeee out. For a Halal dimsum place, their dimsum options were satisfactory although the skin of their dimsum can be quite thick but the meat was very flavourful.

Ok I'll admit, if it is not because I still had so many more stops to go, I would eat more of their dim sum.

As our tummy capacity start to get filled up, we decided to attack the smaller eateries like La Cucur which serves decent Malaysian kueh and dishes. I love my Malaysian kueh especially their pulut, Seri muka, Ondeh-Ondeh etc and I know that I definitely still had space for some kueh.

Washing down our kueh with some sweet milkshakes from Milkshake Factory! They had some pretty interesting flavors with Kinder Bueno, Mars Bars, Snickers and even a milkshake in a coconut. I got their Strawberry Banana Milkshake which was sweet and indulgent.

Time to hit it at Hoagies Hauz with their Grab n' Go selections of buns and sandwich melts. We decided to try their Signature Hoagiez and the Ultimate Meltz which was served with chips on the side. They do have pasta options but our tummy really cannot accomodate any further. At this point, we were rushing to meet the other F&B outlets to reach our target so after grabbing our food, we rushed off to The Gravy Factory which was just opposite where we were.

We saw several Instagram postings of The Gravy Factory showcasing their popular order Hainanese Chicken Chop so we ordered that and it was so good! No wonder so many people ordered it. Their Lamb Shoulder was really succulent as well as they marinated it well and it was still tender. Their Gravy selections were savoury and well seasoned, pairing well with the food we ordered.

At the end of the day, we rushed off to meet our last three stops: Paddington House of Pancake, Manhattan Fish Market and La Juceria. I've always like Paddington House of Pancake for their pluffy savoury and sweet pancake selections so we ordered their Alaskan Pancake which has potato pancakes as well as their Chocolate Fondue Pancake which had thick chocolate sauce where we could dip the mini fluffy pancakes, some fruits and ice cream into it. Yums!

Ending our final two stops with Manhattan Fish Market selections was reaching our peak point but I must say that the food served at the Nu Sentral outlet was really enjoyable. Our last stop was at La Juceria for their Chlorophyll water because we definitely need a detox and healthier end to our cheat day.

All in all, it was a really fulfilling food day out not only because of the food but also because of the awesome company we had dining with us. Nu Sentral is no doubt a mall filled with tons of good F&B outlets and so super easily accessible.

You can get there by LRT, Monorail, KTM or even by UBER if you're feeling lazy to drive.

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Now you can go explore Nu Sentral as well and go check out some of the food recommendations from my post :)

Til the next food adventure