Street Churros @ Mytown, Cheras

Snack time my merry goers!

Time for another sweet treat hunt and this time my adventure took me to Mytown Cheras. It's actually my first time going to Mytown after it officially opened so I sure was looking forward to checking this new mall out. For those of you who are not familiar with Mytown, it's actually one of the newest mall in town right next to IKEA Cheras. With tons of new shops and food outlets, I definitely need to pay it a visit a few more times.

All the snack kiosk, beverages etc are located in B1 where you will spot Street Churros once you get off the escalator. Street Churros is not a new brand to me as I've tried their churros when they first launched in 1 Utama. Another brand hailing from Korea, you know I just have to try it. Not only that , they seem to have several interesting twist to the traditional Spanish churro.

Now they have opened in Mytown and with that launched 2 more items in their menu. Now it's time for me to try all the items on their menu so yup that day sure was a cheat day. Thinking about it, I think I'm having too many cheat days.

Freshly piped churro dough is dropped straight into a boiling vat of oil and once they turned golden brown, they get a dusting of cinnamon, chocolate or cheese powder. You get to choose between the three different powder choices when you get their Signature Street Churros (RM5.90). For those of you who love your dips, get either their Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Butterscotch or Blueberry dips for additional RM1.90. 

For me, if I were to get dips I would just go straight and get their Filling Chu (RM7.90) which had either Chocoalte, Cream Cheese or Custard filling in it. Just love how generous they pipe their fillings which squirts out at each bite. I love their Chocolate which was rich and creamy and not too sweet; pairing well with the crispy churro.

Now it's time to try the two new items: Churros Fries (Sour Cream, Tomato, Seaweed) | RM7.90 and Stick Churros | RM.9.90 (Choco, Cinnamon, Cheese). Stick Churros might not be anything really new but I was really intrigued with the Churros Fries. Savory churros sure is something new for me and surprisingly somehow it does remind me of fries maybe because of the shape and size of it. Sprinkled with your chosen flavoring, my favourite is the Seaweed topping which was savoury and complemented the churros fries. The Stick Churros is a great choice if you want to try more than one churros flavor. You can mix up to 2 different flavors like for me I got the Cinnamon Flavor and the Chocolate flavor so this means I get to enjoy both my favourite flavors in one cup.

On a hot day, what better way to cool down with some Ah-Chu (Ice Cream Churros). For RM7.90, you get to pick from Choco-Choco, Choco Berry or Mango Soft Serve with a mini Churros. Dip the crispy churros into the cold creamy soft serve, and you get a delectable treat.

Beverage choices come in the form of their Ade RM7.90 and Shakes (RM9.90). Recommended is their Korean Citron Ade or their Oh My Coconut which is just such a catchy name. There are small btis of coconut flesh inside the shake which honestly I was so full just sharing the shake with a friend.

Enjoy their combo sets too where you can choose your desired churro type and a latte.

Combo A; Street Churros + Latte (RM11.90)
Combo B: Filling-Chu + Latte (RM13.90)
Combo C: Stick Churros + Latte (RM15.90)

Now here's a special BONUS just for you. To those of you who would love to try Street Churros at Mytown, I am giving away 10 pieces of Street Churros 20% Discount Vouchers to 2 winners.

Just leave a comment in the comment box with your Name, Email Address and tell me Which Churros do you want to try. I'll pick 2 lucky winner to get these vouchers :)

*Vouchers expire on 20 June 2017.
*Can be used in Street Churros MyTOWN Shopping Centre only.
*Not valid wit other promotions.

*Giveaway period ends on 28 May 2017.

So don't wait any longer :)

Til next time,