Diamond and Arissto Coffee Music Party

Hi my dear merry goers,

How has the past week been for you? Last weekend I was invited to attend Diamond and Aristo Coffee Music Party hosted by NEP Holdings to thank their customers and also to introduce their latest products.

Hosted at Rooftop, One City it was a pleasant weekend accompanied with great coffee and music. You might find Diamond a familiar name or maybe your household is already using their water filter. Diamond water has been one of the earliest players in the water filter market and recently introduced the new Coral Alkaline Water Filter to their customers. Meanwhile, coffee lovers out there might have heard of Arissto an upcoming coffee brand which specializes in Italian coffee.

During the party, we were introduced to three new products which are the Diamond Coral Water Bar, Diamond Coral Water Filter, and Arissto Happy Maker.

There was a whole hall where they showcased the products and my eyes were caught with the Diamond Coral Water Bar. It was interesting how they had fruits like lemon and strawberries in the back compartment. So, actually this product is a new launch that has a new 3 second instant heat technology which means it heats up your water in just 3 seconds. 

Did you know that actually those hot water thermos you have at home that is constantly boiling and reboiling isn't healthy for you? Not only that, the machine actually allows us to add our preferred fruits to add more flavor to the water. This is great for children who hate drinking water and well maybe also adults who have issues drinking more water daily. Such a compact equipment to settle your water issues.

Now that I am more inclined towards coffee, the Arissto Happy Maker drew my attention with their assorted Coffee Capsules. They are actually not selling the machine on it's own but you can get it free when you purchase the Arissto Coffee Capsules. 

With 6 types of coffee capsule selections, each has a different blend of coffee beans suited for your individual taste. They have quite unique names to them like Lonely, In Love, Peace, Passion etc.

It is so easy to now enjoy your favourite cup of coffee and also at a much cheaper price than at your regular cafe. Just pop in the coffee capsule and with a click of a button, your crafted Italian coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Arissto does provide good quality Italian coffee and is 100% Italy-produced. The beans are mostly aromatic blends of bittersweet Robusta and Arabica beans which have been roasted and blended according to their secret recipe. 

Enjoy your cup of coffee in just 30 seconds with Arissto Happy Maker. It was so tempting to get one unit for myself. I enjoyed my own cup of freshly brewed Arissto Coffee 'In Love' which was aromatic, not too strong and perfect for a coffee date.

We were also entertained with the array of songs from the Live Band and also dance performances. It was definitely a fun weekend party as we could also try out some coffee art as well. Look out for these new products from Diamond Water and Arissto coffee as I will be sharing more about these products soon.

Til then,



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