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Let's eat something a little healthy today :) After my stint getting admitted into the hospital, I definitely started looking more into eating properly especially my main meals. One of the latest trend is Poké Bowls - Poké (pronounced poh-keh) actually means slice/cut raw fish in Hawaiian and normally is served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisines.

There have been several Poké shops popping up and I've had the chance to try most of them which made me a fan of this type of cuisine. Healthy and really filling - this is something I would eat on a regular basis. (if only it wasn't too pricey for a daily meal) 

Poké Bear Sunway Pyramid

I finally managed to check out Poké Bear, another Poké Shop located in Sunway Pyramid (Lagoon Entrance). I've been pretty intrigued in trying out to see how they differ from the other shops. 

A pop up kiosk, you will notice the line of ingredients that you will be able to choose to customize your Poké bowl. Build your own Poké Bowl starting from the base, your protein and your topping. There's a form at the cashier that you can fill in before making your order.

Base Options:
White Rice (with or without salad) | Brown Rice (with or without salad) | Salad

Protein Options:
Salmon | Tuna | Shrimp | Chicken

Sides (Choose 5):
Almonds | Carrots | Cherry Tomatoes | Crabsticks | Cucumber | Edamame | Mango | Onions | Pineapple | Sweetcorn | Tamago | Walnuts

Toppings (Unlimited):
Chili flakes | Ebiko | Fried Garlic | Fried Shallots | Furikake | Ginger | Seaweed Flakes | Spring Onion | Wasabi | Seaweed

Special Toppings (RM2.50/each) - Avocado, Pomegranate 

Sauces (Unlimited)
Avocado | Kimchi | Mentai | Miso | Sesame Dressing | Spicy Mayo | Wasabi

They recently launched their Fresh Cold Pressed Juices (Skin Rejuenator | Detox | Nutrient Booster). You can enjoy these juices at RM8 with every purchase of a Poké Bowl (n/p: RM11). I personally enjoyed the Nutrient Booster (Apple, cucumber, lemon, kale, mint, cilantro) which was refreshingly healthy).

After you make your order at the counter, your Poké bowl will be prepared. I chose the Salmon as my preferred protein together with my 5 sides. One thing that differs from the other Poké shops is the protein are actually just basic proteins and not marinated in sauces.

So you actually get fresh cut salmon which you can later customize your Poké with your preferred sauce. This is perfect for those who like their salmon fresh and without being dunked in marinade. Also, it's a much healthier choice when you can limit the amount of sauce you add to your Poké bowl.

For added flavor, top your Poké bowl with the unlimited topping options. I love adding the seaweed, furikake, fried garlic, ebiko to pack in more flavor to my Poké bowl. I was being naughty that day so I added some crispy fried fish skin which was so good. It added a lot of texture and crunch to my Poké bowl.

Tada! There you have it. My very own customized Poké Bowl with fresh salmon cubes and mentai sauce. For premium topping, get their Avocado or Pomegranate (depending on availability).

Busy people, you can get Poké Bear to be delivered with Foodpanda now :) So no more excuses not to eat healthy. Plus for those of you who have The Entertainer App, there's a BUY 1 FREE 1 deal on the Poké Bowl.

Go eat Poké Done Right at

Poké Bear

LG1.110A Blue Atrium (Lagoon Entrance)
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

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