Samgeori Butcher’s 삼거리 푸주간 YG Republique Malaysia Korean Food Review, TREC KL

Hi merry goers!

Time for another round of Korean BBQ and this time let's head over to YG Republique located in TREC KL. If the name sounds familiar, you're right! YG Republique is the eat-out concept restaurant operated and owned by YG Entertainment which houses Samgeori Butcher’s 삼거리 푸주간 (a BBQ grill restaurant) and K-Pub (bar snacks and a wide variety of beer).

When YG Republique first launched a year back, it was the talk of the town especially with Big Bang member SeungRi who made his appearance during the launch. Finally, I had the chance to check out the food they have to offer. Located right in the centre of TREC KL, you can enjoy great Korean BBQ before heading next door to K-Pub for the Korean Pub experience. 

The main highlight at Samgeori Butcher's is their Butcher's Sampler. Serving only the finest Iberico pork cuts, you will be enjoying four types of cuts served in 150g portions belly (RM55), neck (RM55), jaw (RM65) and abanico (RM60), which are cured in cypress pine to improve flavour and texture. Special sauces are developed to accentuate the pork flavours. They also have Wagyu beef as well as LA rib, which are also triple-aged for optimum flavour.

The Butcher's Sampler (RM210 for 600g) comes with the Iberico Neck, Shoulder, Belly and Ribs. This set comes with salads and refillable side-dishes. Comfortably feeding 3 to 4 pax, this is a great way of sampling the different cuts of meat they have to offer. Really going for the butcher's concept, the meat is presented, wrapped in food-grade newspaper-like paper, just like how you would get it from your butcher.

The marbling of the meat is really gorgeous and we were all looking forward to the server cooking them up for us. Sizzling on the hot pan, the BBQ Pit at YG Republique was slightly different from other BBQ places where the exhaust is actually surrounding the grill instead of hanging above of you. This does a way better job of sucking in the smoke, ensuring you don't smell of BBQ when you're done with your food.

Enjoy the meat in a ssam - lettuce wrapped with some garlic mustard or gochujang sauce and a bit of kimchi with it. A really fulfilling way of enjoying Korean BBQ plus it's healthier too with all the veggies.

Asides from Korean BBQ, enjoy a wide assortment of Korean stews, bulgogi, noodles and rice dishes on their ala carte menu. We had the Butcher's Fried Rice (RM50 for 2pax portion) which has a generous amount of pork, aged kimchi and something different - chipotle sauce. Honestly, if you are coming here with your friends, do order this but one pax portion would clearly suffice because it was huge! The fried rice was very well seasoned with the age kimchi and a pleasure to enjoy.

We also ordered the Yangyumjang Bibimbap (RM30), Spicy Rice Cakes (RM52), Smoked Sausage Platter (RM120) and Red Fried Chicken (RM50).

The Smoked Sausage Platter was a generous platter to share if you're coming with a large group of friends. It comes with smoked sausage, pork belly, grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes not forgetting their wedges which was really very good.

Meanwhile the Red Fried Chicken was actually boneless fried chicken served with their homemade sauce which was delightful! The chicken was fried to perfection and the sauce complemented the chicken well. I am not really the best fan of fried chicken especially red sauce because I tend to find them a bit too sweet but the homemade sauce at YG Republique was really good. Not too cloying, it gave the additional sweetness and spiciness that complemented the chicken well.


Enjoy YG Republique Lunch Menu promotion for RM15, which is available Mondays to Fridays from 12pm to 2.30pm PLUS Free Parking when you dine in TREC KL from 12 to 2pm. This is really great because where else can you find such amazing food plus free parking in the middle of KL?

YG Republique Malaysia, TREC KL

​HG-01 & HG-02 Hive, 
TREC, 438, Jalan Tun Razak, 
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
(Free parking at TREC 12-2pm and from 5pm-10pm)

Opening times: 3Geori Butcher: 12pm-3pm (Lunch) /6pm-2am (Dinner); 
​K Pub: 6pm - 3am.

​Tel: 03-2110 4104