How To Get Fuller and Healthier Lips: LipAddict Non Injectable Lip Treatment

Hey merry goers!

Do you know what is the secret to a kissable lips? Definitely plump and moisturized lips! So many girls dream of having Angelina Jolie's plump sexy lips but now it is no longer a dream thanks to LipAddict.

Founded by iSkin New York, LipAddict is the secret to get Angelina Jolie's signature lips without invasive procedures like lip fillers and botox which can cost a bomb plus all the side effects. Highlighting 4 key benefits:
  • Anti Aging
  • Instant Healing
  • Instant Moisture
  • Instant Plump
LipAddict is a lip treatment that works as a lipgloss too. Using only natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen and Organic Plant Extracts, LipAddict transforms dry chappy lips to younger, healthier and fuller lips. I still remember the days where lipgloss were all the rage to get plump and kissable lips. With LipAddict, a natural juicy pout is achievable when you use it on it's own or even on top of your favourite lip color to make your lips pop!

Choose from 12 different shades which leave your lips looking flushed and healthy. To create your own shades, you can opt to mix two or more colors together resulting in a much more pigmented finish. It has a glossy finish and a sweet minty feeling on your lips which reminded me of chewing gum or toothpaste. I didn't really mind it but it depends on your preference. 

Thanks to Butterfly Project, they collaborated with LipAddict for a mini workshop at Happ Cafe to educate us about LipAddict and how to get healthy and fuller lips. We also had Fibiee as the invited makeup artist for the day to demonstrate to us how to transform from a Day to Night look using LipAddict. She showed us how to create our own colors and also to use it as a lip topper which will make you shine at night. 

Here are some of the claims using LipAddict and my thoughts after using it:

  • A lip treatment designed to help you achieve younger, fuller, sexier pout without the cost and pain of lip injections
From my after photo, you can clearly see that my lip looks much healthier compared to the before. Since it also works as a treatment, using it every day actually helps your lips improve over time. The initial first few days, you might start to get slightly drier as your dead skin cells are exfoliating leaving behind healthier lips. LipAddict #213 is a clear lipgloss which you can use at night as a lip treatment before you sleep too.

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines hydrates, plumps and improves definition of lip contour
I do see my lips getting healthier over time although I have not been using it regularly. If you apply #213 Jewel above your lip line, it can help to reduce those fine lines and improve your lip contour. 

Tip: Exfoliate your lips regularly and apply LipAddict Night Treatment (#213 Jewel) before bed and wake up to smoother and healthier lips.

  • LipAddict lightweight molecular formula guarantees your lips won't be left with that annoying sticky sensation 
On the lips, it doesn't feel sticky but don't expect your hair not to get caught on your lips because it is still a lip gloss. Reapplication is needed especially for the pigmentation as it does fade off quickly. So after drinking or eating you'll definitely need to reapply. The end result actually looks natural and since it is a gloss you don't really have to worry about it going out of your lip line. 

In conclusion, I think that LipAddict does help to give you a fuller and healthier lip and works well as a high-end lip gloss due to the price. But since it is not just a regular lip gloss and actually helps to improve your lip overtime, for those of you who have dry chappy lips you can opt to try this out. This is definitely a better and safer option compared to cosmetic surgery.

Once again, thank you Butterfly Project and LipAddict for having me. I'm on my way to getting that perfect Angelina Jolie pout ;)

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