Top Tips on Choosing the Right Bra, Neubodi Malaysia

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This post is specially dedicated to my girls out there about a topic we should really take high importance. Today, I am going to share with you my intimate experience with Neubodi, the leading bra specialist on How to Choose The Right Bra. 

If you don't know it yet, Neubodi is Malaysia's first fitting specialist retail chain store offering a full range of handsewn comfortable innerwear, lingerie care products as well as active sportswear. I recently had the pleasure of visiting their Kota Damansara HQ for a personal experience with their Bra Specialists.

Thanks to Butterfly Project for organizing a workshop with Neubodi Malaysia, a few selected Butterflies were given the chance to understand our body better. Walking into the Neubodi Kota Damansara outlet, there over 600  different sizes, styles, color together combined to choose from. 

Did you know that Neubodi has bra sizes from 65A up to 100I? That's like every bra size you can ever think of so no worries about finding your perfect bra here at Neubodi. Each bra goes through at least 45 stages from crafting, cutting, stitching, testing and fitting - all these done to ensure each bra is the perfect fit. 

Apart from bras, Neubodi carries a range of nightwear, sportswear, maternity wear and even body shaping variants. You can literally find any type of bra for any occasion at Neubodi which suits your body best.

So girls, are you wearing the right bra? If you don't know, then this is the right article for you. 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra. It's either the wrong size or the wrong cup or even the wrong shape. Yes, even the shape matters! 

Wearing the right bra actually affects your posture, your body shape, how bountiful you look and also to maintain your breast. Did you know that you can actually look slimmer with just wearing the right bra? 

At Neubodi, the Bra Specialist practise a holistic fitting method compared to the traditional tape and measure. The minute you walk into any Neubodi store, the Bra Specialist can scan you and tell you what your bra size is. Yes! The Bra Specialists at Neubodi have laser eyes and sensitive hands that by just feeling your body, they can recommend the right bra type for you. 

Think you know your bra size? Know for sure after a holistic fitting at Neubodi because I certainly was surprised at my actual bra size. You might be wearing the wrong bra size for years! Plus, Neubodi has bra sizes up to 60I so there is no size too small or too big at Neubodi.

A Holistic Fitting method consists of using their hands to feel your body and their eyes to scan your body to tell you what type of bra you should be wearing. This service is actually a complimentary service to all first-time customers at Neubodi which means you can walk into any store and get your body fitted. Each store has a Bra Specialist which will be able to cater to you and no worries because no purchase is required. Neubodi aim to educate women on getting the right bra size even if you're not their customer. 

How do you know if you're wearing the right bra? Well, you should not be facing the following signs:

If you are facing the said signs, you are most definitely NOT wearing the right bra and should hurry head to the nearest Neubodi outlet near you for a FREE Bra Fitting session. Another way to find out is by stretching and jumping from side to side. If you find that your bra moved after jumping and stretching, this means that the bra is not the right fit for you and doesn't provide the sufficient support that you require. 

After a short workshop on finding the right bra, it was time for us to get ourselves fitted. Did you know there are actually 6 different bra styles to choose from? To my surprise, I was actually wearing the wrong bra size. Many women think that they are a smaller bra size or cup than they should be which can actually cause their breast to sag or go out of shape. We also learned how to wash and hang our bra out to dry. Ladies, make sure you are taking good care of your bra because they are the ones to make sure your body do not go out of shape.

Here are the characteristics of your bra which is the right fit for you. 

  • Minimum 15mm shoulder straps for 20% breast support
  • Soft boning structure for better body silhouette
  • Min. 3 back hooks for 80% breast support
  • Min 12cm tall side panel to hide buldes

All of Neubodi products have the necessary characteristics to properly support your breast and making them the right fit. Through the fitting session, we were also taught how to properly wear a bra so that our breast don't go out of shape and to prevent lumps and folds. The Bra Specialists at Neubodi are extremely professionals as they aim to ensure you understand your body well and also guide you on choosing the right bra type. 

The secret in Neubodi bra is that each design is well thought to deliver the results you desire. From the diverse cup size and type, the designs of the bra gives you the volume that you need and is also able to intensify the desirable cleavage. Each bra also has a centre piece that is designed as a stabilizer to provide strong hold to the bra which means it doesn't move around even when you do vigorous activity.

Feel free to visit Neubodi HQ in Kota Damansara or
any other outlets for the perfect bra-fitting session:

Neubodi Kota Damansara 
(Opposite Encorp Strand Mall)
52A, Jalan PJU 5/20D, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya,

  • Bangsar Village II, KL
  • Mid Valley Megamall, KL
  • Robinsons Four Seasons KL
  • Empire Shopping Gallery, PJ
  • One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ
  • Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, Klang
  • Gurney Plaza, Penang
  • Vivacity Mall, Kuching
  • Imago Shopping Mall, Sabah
  • Suria Sabah Shopping Centre, Sabah
  • Mid Valley Southkey Megamall, Johor Bahru (Opening in October)
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