NUViT Anti-Acne Series Review

Growing up, breakouts are pretty regular especially during those times of the month where my hormones are raging and imbalanced. This causes some pretty obvious breakouts especially at my forehead and temple area. Most likely because of stress and the fact that I have bangs so it's pretty easy to get breakouts around that area.

Usually, I just use some acne cream to get rid of any breakouts but recently I came across a brand from Taiwan which has a range of products targeting acne issues. NUViT is no stranger in the skincare industry as they have been receiving pretty good comments especially among my peers. I had the chance to give their Anti-Acne series a go so here are my thoughts after using them.

NUViT's Anti-Acne range is specially formulated with an exclusive ingredient known as NUViT's AC-PureTM which is targeted for oily and acne prone skin. This ingredient claims to regulate sebum production, soothe inflammation, shrink pores, has anti-bacterial properties and improves keratinocytes metabolism.  

There are three products in NUViT's Anti-Acne range: Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate, Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid and Acne Purifying Gel. All three products are used following the recommended step of #Spot , #Entire and #Enhance.

Firstly, the Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate is a bi-phase toner with zinc and kaolin. These two ingredients are oil-absorbing minerals that help purify the skin and control oil secretion while refining pores. It also contains America Klamath Lake Algae Extract which moisturizes and repairs skin. The concentrate claims to help shrink pores and eliminates blackheads and whiteheads.

After cleansing, apply the product onto palm or cotton pad, massage gently onto face and neck. Shake before use to activate the ingredients and maximize the effects. Used daily, morning and evening.

First impressions, the concentrate had a medicinal scent to it which I got used to. I used it instead of my regular mattifying toner and I noticed that it does help control my oil secretion. However, I did not see much difference in terms of pore size and blackheads since I did not really have issues with it.

Next it was the Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid which contains hyaluronic acid and sweet myrrh extract. The purifying fluid aims to improve skin healing, reduce formation of acne scars as well as keep oil and moisture balance.

After cleansing, apply the product and massage gently onto face and neck. Used daily, morning and night

The fluid had a slightly sticky texture which felt uncomfortable on my skin upon application so I would advise to just use it sparingly. It takes a while for the fluid to be absorbed completely into my skin but after that, it sets well. I did not particularly feel any difference in terms of my oil secretion but I realized that I have to use my moisturizer on top of it to have sufficient hydration. Otherwise, I noticed that my face get oilier after using the Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid.

Lastly, the Acne Purifying Gel is a targeted product for acne, pimples or inflamed areas. Aiming to provide 24-hours breakout control with the ability to reduce redness in a short period of time. I actually used this the most throughout my review session as I was having quite bad breakouts. The gel reminds me of my usual acne gel but with a slightly stickier consistency.

With fingertips, apply proper amount of filler to affected areas.

The gel contains 1% vitamin B3 and microencapsulated vitamin C. The first thing I noticed was a stinging sensation when I apply it onto my acne. It might be due to the vitamin C content but it doesn't last very long. There is also Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel extract which helps to reduce the inflammation and calm the affected area.

After using it for some time, I noticed that it does help to reduce the inflammation but I noticed new breakouts after using it. For smaller acne or pimples, it helps to heal it overnight but for slightly more severe acne issues, you might not be able to see the instant result

NUViT Anti Acne products can be used together or separately depending on your skin condition. So if you're targeting more than one issue, you can use all three products together. In conclusion, I think that the NUViT Anti Acne series do help target acne-prone skin but only recommended for those who really have oily skin type. For those with drier or normal skin, make sure to properly moisturize your skin to balance out your skin sebum secretion.

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