Shiang Hai Japanese Style Vegetarian Restaurant

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Serving Nature's Best In Rolls! That's the aim of Shiang Hai Japanese Style Vegetarian Restaurant. As of July 2019, HerbaLine Wellness Group has reinforced its foothold in the food wellness business with the opening of its new Japanese Style vegetarian F&B outlet called “Shiang Hai”. 

Some of you might be familiar with another popular healthy dining under HerbaLine Wellness Group - Mama Kim which serves up healthy cuisines with 80% vegetables and 20% meat concept.  

While Mama Kim caters to the greater masses, Shiang Hai will resonate with those who hankers for the finer taste of life. Shiang Hai ( 香海 ), which literally means “aromatic seas” in the vast natural life has inspired Shiang Hai’s search for a world of greater tastes. The natural goodness of nature inspires Shiang Hai’s aim to help realise the greatness of life with tasty foods at its natural best.

Located at Sunway Mentari, you will be able to enjoy up to 70 types of vegetarian dishes prepared by skilled chefs. It’s not your typical vegetarian foods as we excite with tastes, sauces, combination of ingredients, healthy cooking, making it a trendy vegetarian cuisine place to cater for modern healthy  lifestyle. It provides fresh and fashionable haven for both full on vegetarians and those who wish to make healthy eats as part of their lifestyle as much as possible.

Most people have a perception that vegetarian food is boring and bland.  Bet these thoughts will change when they encounter the vegetarian sushi from Shiang Hai.  

Have your salad but in a roll? Enjoy your mango in your sushi?  Pick from a variety of vegetarian sushi which is trendy, tasty, healthy and fashionable? Shiang Hai Dishes are innovative and visually appealing from all the natural colours. 

Natural fillings are combined for prefect blend of tastes such as banana, mango, alfalfa, beetroot, dragon fruit, beansprouts etc with minimal sauce made on-the-spot to ensure freshness.  Now you can indulge in many rolls of sushi without worrying about carbs or salty sauces. Filled with healthy greens, fruits or plant bases where, you can indulge and not feel bloated or filled up!  

Sushi can’t get any more natural goodness and healthier and exciting than these.  Some sushi rolls come with mystical nature-inspired names like Holy River, Sunshine etc all catering to what your day is and how you feel and what you desire to satisfy your gastronomical needs. 

They even prepare a birthday sushi cake for you if it’s your big day!  It’s platter of colourful and tasty sushi to celebrate and share with our friends. Just remember to light up your candle!     

Signature Dishes
  • Mango Sushi
  • Beetroot Sushi
  • Holy River Sushi
  • Banana Sushi
  • Blue Sky Sushi
  • Signature Shiang Hai Mushroom Curry
  • Prosperity Tofu
  • Heavenly King Combo  (Fried Rice with Sushi Rolls set)
  • Grape Seed Juice

Promotion Alert!

Enjoy Buy 1 Free 1 sushi in conjunction for Shiang Hai launch from now till 31 July 2019. Take this opportunity to grab your friends and family to try out all their colourful and healthy sushi rolls. My personal favourite: Mango Sushi! Also their Signature Shiang Hai Mushroom Curry is really one of the best I've tried. Love that they use all natural colouring like the Butterfly Pea Flower for their Blue Sky Sushi too. 

Restaurant Details
Address :  Ground Floor, Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway, 40, Jalan PJS 8/2, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operation Hours :  Daily 10am – 9pm
Seating Capacity :  48 people     
Contact Details fb/shianghaimalaysia
Tel:  03 – 5621 1016


Baskin Robbins X Tom Abang Saufi “Bungkus of Happiness” Collaboration Bring Your Happiness Home in Our Limited Edition Wrap this Hari Raya

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Attention all dessert lovers! Did you hear?World’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops Baskin Robbins announced something exciting this festive season - a collaboration with famous local designer Dato Tom Abang Saufi’s brand TAS!

Who said Raya was over? Celebrate this joyous Raya season with this limited-time “Bungkus of Happiness” featuring 3 specially-designed Baskin Robbins inspired wraps that incorporated modern elements with traditional classiness. Now you can “bungkus” (wrap) home your favorite ice-creams in this premium quality TAS wraps and share your happiness with family and friends! 

“Bungkus of Happiness” represent a beautiful gift that you can take away to share with your family and friends. The “bungkus” here are the wraps designed by Dato Tom Abang Saufi for this special occasion; while the “happiness” is of course the delicious Baskin Robbins ice-creams, the perfect blend of sweet and creamy goodness in every scoop.

Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi is a leading designer in the Malaysia fashion industry and is well-known for her efforts in promoting the colourful Batik culture. Her TAS collection has never been shy of using vibrant colours to portray the clashing of modern fashion and traditional cultures, inserting creative elements into all her designs.

The three wraps she designed for Baskin Robbins – the gentle Ketupat wrap, sweet Ice-cream wrap and vibrant Waffle wrap, are all made from high quality silk mix fabric. The wraps are perfect for gifting and can be reused in many different ways, including using them as scarves or tudungs (head scarves). 

Ice-cream Scarf

The Beautiful Meaning behind “Bungkus of Happiness”

The inspiration for “Bungkus of Happiness” comes from the designer’s childhood memories.

“The word “bungkus” (wrap) cognates many images for me. My earliest memory was how clothes were “bungkus” for the laundry lady and it all comes back in the same fabric crisp and clean with the scent of freshly-ironed clothes,” she reminisced.

She said in the villages then, stacks of plates were wrapped in fabric kept in the community centre and would only be brought out during special functions or celebrations.

To Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi, “bungkus” represents love and cherish. She said the use of fabric to wrap items was used in most cultures. And often, the richer the fabric, the more pronounced the present inside would be.

“I can virtually see my late mother smiling as she unwrapped a bungkus of precious fine batik,” she added.

Waffle Scarf

Since founded, Baskin Robbins has been a favourite to many around the world. Baskin Robbins has near to 31 years of history in Malaysia while Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi has been designing for more than 35 years.

“It’s our pasts that inspire us, and we need to keep injecting new life into our traditions. TAS’s mantra is to keep our customers contemporary, chic and classy. We are happy to collaborate with Baskin Robbins, to allow customers unwrap the beautiful “Bungkus of Happiness” and reveal the delicious ice-creams inside and share their happiness with their family,” she said.

The Hari Raya Limited Edition “Bungkus of Happiness”

The “Bungkus of Happiness” wrap were designed by Dato’ Tom Abang Saufi especially for this coming Hari Raya. The limited-edition wrap integrates both the Malays tradition and Baskin Robbins’ culture. 

Ketupat Scarf

Ketupat is a traditional Malay delicacies and a popular Raya food. Dato’ Tom uses various colours to represent the woven palm leaf to bring out the gentleness in it. Waffle and ice-cream are inseparable! Dato’ Tom uses Baskin Robbins signature colours to bring out the vibrant in the wrap while the Ice-cream wrap features the sugary sweet ice-cream motifs.


Inside “Bungkus of Happiness” are 8 regular scoops, 10 junior scoops or 4 pints of ice-cream of your choice, packed tastefully with a limited-edition Baskin Robbins X TAS wrap. Don’t miss out this opportunity to bring home your pack of happiness!

·  10 single junior scoops for RM115
·  8 single regular scoops for RM125
·  4 pints for RM145

Choice of wrap designs: Gentle Ketupat/Sweet Ice-cream/Vibrant Waffle

Available from 3rd June – 31st July 2019 (while stock lasts). “Bungkus of Happiness” is available at all Baskin Robbins outlets in Malaysia, including Baskin Robbins Premium Outlets, Johor Premium Outlet (JPO), Genting Premium Outlet (GPO), all outlets in KLIA, Genting, Sabah and Sarawak. Customers can also purchase it through Lazada.

For more information, please refer to Baskin Robbins website at www.baskinrobbins.com.my


California Raisins Raya Rasa Sayang 2019 Cooking Challenge

Monday, May 20, 2019

Selamat Hari Raya to all my dear readers who are celebrating this festive season. Are you prepared with all your Raya dishes? California Raisins is back with their Cooking Challenge so here's some of the recipes that you can prepare for your guests this year!

This year, I joined this competition with my partner-in-crimes Aliza Sara and Suki! This is the third year I join this competition with Sara and it is becoming a tradition of ours. We decided that we will be the Spice Girls for this year and our theme is to utilize raisins in our dishes.

Raisins is an awesome healthy snacks loved by both kids and adults. I personally love raisins as well to boost my sugar level when it is low and it is a great snack on the go too. Not only that, because of its versatile nature, you can incorporate it in dishes too and not only for desserts.

All ready to dish out our dishes

For our group, we went all out and prepared 3 dishes, starting with 'Mango Salad with Raisin Vinaigrette', 'Raisin Sambal with Chicken' and 'Fried Cauliflower Rice' as our dish, presenting it as Ramadhan Blessings.

During the challenge, all 8 teams were given one hour to plan, prepare and cook a meal! One hour is definitely not enough and all the teams created unique dishes to incorporate raisins. With the power of three, we managed to dish out three different dishes which all paired well with each other. 

Our final creation

Once we were done with our dishes, it was JUDGING time! It never gets easier even if it was our third time joining the competition. The concept of our dish is that we are using California Raisins in our dishes as a form of blessings to everyone who eats it. California Raisins are super healthy and it is a natural sweeter too. So no added sugar or flavouring were needed in our dishes. We also showcased how versatile California Raisins can be used in both savory and sweet dishes.

And once again, we were the Grand Prize Winner for the California Raisins Cooking Challenge. Really grateful for California Raisins giving us this opportunity to showcase their amazing raisin in our dishes and showing how versatile and healthier it is to use their raisins. Below are some of the unique dishes that the rest of the themes prepared.

So remember! The next time you grab a box of California Raisins, it not only serves as a healthy snack but also as an amazing ingredient in your next dish. For more details on the recipes and what other dishes you can create using California Raisins, check our their official website. And if you've got some unique dish idea, share them with me in the comments below.

California Raisins 
Web | Org | Facebook

Til next time,


LA’SOUL Creamy Matte Volumizing Lipsticks - A series of bold colours and protection for your lips.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

LA'SOUL Skin Nutrition Expert is well known for its expertise in producing high quality and superior beauty products from Korea; it has been introduced in Malaysia since 2013 and has received encouraging response.

This time, LA'SOUL is launching its lipstick range that will spark up every women's day. LA'SOUL Matte Creamy Volumizing Lipstick is a lipstick that not only enhances the beauty of women, but it also boosts their self-confidence.

LA'SOUL Lipstick has a matte look but actually feels creamy on the lips.  Its silken softness is due to the presence of micro christalyn wax as part of the ingredients. The lipstick would stay fresh with bright colour that last throughout the day. 

Six choices of colours are made available in this range which will suit all of your needs, such as Star Nude, Mocha Choc, Velvet Burgundy, Passion Rosy, Poppy Pink and Cherry Peach. The high quality anti-aging content will help makes your lips more elastic while giving long-lasting protection.

These are some important ingredients which ensure the quality of the nutrients in LA'SOUL Matte Creamy Volumizing Lipstick:

Enriched with moisturizing agents of Camellia Japonica Seed Oil that are acidic like Oleic, Linoleic, Palmaitic which inhibits the lips-skin oxidation and provide ample moisture to the skin.

This lighter oil texture gives a shine effect and refreshes the lips. It also maintains the health of the lips and ensures radical-free skin.

Stops moisture-evaporation from the lips and provides a moist effect as well as a radiant looking lips. This ingredient also protects the lips from getting contaminated and increases the skin regeneration cycles in order to keep it well-maintained.

Lastly, LA'SOUL contains vitamin E to protect and delay the lips damage by anti-oxidant effects and also reduce dehydration ratio on the lips.

For more info visit A'SOUL's website and social media:
Website: www.snemarketing.com
Fb: La'soul Beauty by Sne Official
IG: Lasoulbeautybysne


3D2N Retreat at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Hello merry goers,

Are you planning for a getaway this season with your friends or family? How does an island getaway sound? Specifically at Pulau Tioman with Berjaya Tioman Resort!

Although I'm a Malaysian, I must say I never actually explored much of the beautiful islands my home country have to offer. Thanks to Berjaya Group, I had the chance to plan a vacation at Tioman Island.

Berjaya Tioman Resort is the largest hotel on Tioman Island, situated on a vast 200-acre ground with spacious beachfront and lush jungle surroundings of Tekek Village. Let me bring you along my journey to Tioman Island.

If you're coming from KL, you can go there via bus or car. I decided to go by bus because the journey was about 5 to 6 hours. Once you arrive at the Mersing Jetty, you'll have to travel by ferry to Kampung Tekek Jetty. This ferry ride will take about one to two hours depending on the weather.

Note: Please make sure to check the ferry schedule so that you can plan your trip well. There are only limited time slots available.

Once you've arrived at the Kampung Tekek stop, you'll be received by the staff from Berjaya Tioman Resort. Yes! Then resort offers complimentary shuttle services to and from the resort and jetty. Honestly my first impressions were WOW! Not only from the beautiful waters of Tioman but also the welcome service from the resort.

We arrived at Berjaya Tioman Resort much earlier than our check-in time. While the concierge was arranging our rooms to be ready, we decided to have our breakfast at Sri Nelayan Coffee House. Buggy service is available but it's not too far and it's a good walk to work up our appetite.

At Sri Nelayan Coffee House, you can opt for the Breakfast Buffet which as a decent spread of Asian and Western choices. Honestly after the long bus and ferry ride, our tummies were rumbling and super hungry.

The breakfast spread was really satisfying and the taste was on point too especially the Nasi Lemak and Rendang Chicken.

After filling our tummies, we decided to take a stroll along the beach and around the resort. With the fine weather and sun shining, I couldn't wait to try out all the activities. Berjaya Tioman Resort is HUGE! This 4-Star resort has large facilities including a ballroom, function halls, dive centre, spa, 18-hole golf course, outdoor team building circuit, swimming pool and various restaurants - Malay / Chinese / Thai

We got the Garden View Chalet for our accommodation which was a quaint chalet inspired by traditional village architecture, perched on stilts along the garden. You can also opt for the chalets facing the beachfront and really enjoy the sunset from your rooms. After a quick freshening up, it was time for lunch.

We headed back to Sri Nelayan Coffee House for lunch and ordered quite a feast for two. We had the Seabass as well as the Rack of Lamb which were both just scrumptious. My mouth is salivating with the thought of it. Portion wise is huge and totally worth the price. I actually expected the prices at the resort would be much higher since we were at a tourist spot but surprisingly it was similar with what you would pay for a good meal in KL.

After a satisfying meal, we took a stroll along the beach and relax while we digested our meal. We also checked out the water activities which were available for us to take part. After looking through the activities we decided to try two activities for that evening.

The first thing we tried was the Stand Paddle. This was intense especially if you're not good at balancing. We weren't as ambitious to try paddling out into the open sea but we had our fair fun in the shallow waters.

Next up was Kayaking! Now this is one of my most memorable experience as we kayaked all the way to a mini island. The waves were manageable and oh boy you'll just love the clear blue waters! The waters were so clear that you could even see corals from the surface. It was a good arm workout as we kayaked quite a distance but it was worth it. The view was gorgeous and I could just stay there all day.

The water activity did workout an appetite as we kayaked back to the resort and washed up for dinner. For dinner, we proceeded to have Thai at Matahari Restaurant. The restaurant is facing the beachfront so I'd definitely advice you to head there earlier to enjoy the sunset. The setup was really romantic as they set a table for us with candlelight and fairylights.

The water sports definitely worked up and appetite because we were famished. We ordered quite a number of dishes which I'd recommend if you're planning to have your dinner here too.

Highly recommended the Pineapple Fried Rice, Deep Fried Tilapia and Seafood Tom Yum.

After dinner and a quick stroll, we headed back to our room and rested for the night. Why did we rest so early? Because we were going to go snorkeling tomorrow morning and we definitely would need sufficient rest!

Day 2 : Snorkeling at Pulau Renggis

Before we knew it, daybreak called and we were getting ready for our snorkeling activity! It's a short walk to the jetty, further up from the golf course. There are signboards so you'll won't miss it. Also, there is a buggy which would bring you there too. After a quick breakfast and making sure we had enough time to digest our meal, we geared up and off we went to Pulau Renggis.

FYI, this is the same mini island which we kayaked to yesterday and it is famous for looking like a turtle. There are a lot of different corals around this island and we were excited to explore it.

Tip: Bring some bread with you if you want to attract fishes and feed them. But BEWARE because those fishes are crazy active so once they see bread in the water .. imagine Feeding Frenzy!

I have no words to describe how beautiful the waters were and it's so clear you can really see all the corals and fishes. I've had experience snorkeling before this at other islands but this is just surreal. Just watch my video and you'll see! Also some of our other companions saw a turtle and sharks too.

I wished we could stay longer to see the turtle and baby shark as well but unfortunately our time was up. Still luckily we brought a GoPro so we had some good footages which I'm satisfied with.

After our snorkeling activity, we washed up and it was lunch time! Snorkeling is quite a good workout as you have to swim against the current at times. We headed back to Sri Nelayan Coffee House for lunch and this time ordered something else off the menu.

For two of us, we ordered the Lamb Stew, Steak and Salad. Once again, finger-licking good which our tummies agreed. Our retreat to Berjaya Tioman Resort was really one of the more relaxing trips as it was a chill, no rushing over itinerary, really relaxing and enjoying the view and companionship.

The rest of the day we just chilled by the poolside and enjoyed some peace and quiet. If anyone were to ask me for any retreat recommendations, I'd definitely recommend coming to Berjaya Tioman Resort. Not only for the island experience but also the overall experience staying in the resort. For dinner we checked out the dinner buffet spread at Sri Nelayan Coffee House before calling it a night.

The last day of our retreat was gloomy and it rained non-stop which was a bummer to our trip. Luckily at Berjaya Tioman Resort, there is a Play Room where you could spend some time playing foosball, pool or even just chill with their vintage record player. This resort has everything you'll need for a retreat.

On our last day, we had our last meal at Sri Nelayan Coffee House and managed to go for another session of Kayaking! This time round we brought the GoPro and recorded underwater scenes with an extra help using our bread! The fishes are just crazy and really the beauty of the resort is just embedded in my memory.

It was definitely a memorable retreat and thanks to the hospitality at Berjaya Tioman Resort. For those of you interested to know more you can check their rates at

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