Early Cancer Detection at ALPS Medical Centre

Friday, January 25, 2019

Cancer is no longer a foreign disease in this era as statistics show the drastic increasing trend of this horrifying disease. Approaching a great new technology in clinical care setting, ALPS Medical Centre (ALPS) operated by TMC Global Holdings Sdn. Bhd is now offering high quality health care to the community. As of the year 2016, there are approximately 100,000 Malaysians who have been diagnosed with cancer every year and mostly are women.

According to the founder, Professor Dato’ Sri Dr SK Tham, ALPS is a designated medical centre that provides comprehensive services and creates spectacular records in aesthetic, cosmetic, econstructive and healthy lifestyles since year of 2016. ALPS has also introduced new innovations as well as nurturing a conducive environment for their clients. 

ALPS Medical Centre has established itself as a high reputable boutique medical centre in Malaysia and another region. They provide high quality healthy aging, plastic surgery, reconstructive, cosmetic, aesthetic and lifestyle management services at reasonable rates.

ALPS Medical Centre consists of experienced and professional medical doctor dan healthcare staff equipped with high technology machines and world class facilities. They also meet the eligibility and certification of Ministry of Health and also a member of Medical Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) and Society for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Nutritional and Exercise Medicine.

In light of the drastic increasing trend of cancer, ALPS provides health screening services specifically for early detection of cancer by the age of 30 years old. This also serves to guide preventive methods for those who are at risk. Five main common cancer among Malaysian is breast cancer, colon cancer, cervix cancer and throat cancer. “If early detection can be done and patient have got their early necessary treatment, this disease can be cured”, he said. 

Beside health screening services, ALPS also is an expert in aesthetic services as botox injection, chemical peel, Q-Switch Laser, Thermage, Cryolipolysis and injectable dermal fillers, while cosmetic treatments available including liposuction, double eyelids and correction, fat transfer and lip augmentation.

ALPS also provided a counselling service and professional food guidelines for a health lifestyle. Their dietitian experts will try to help in various ways, especially in food intake, nutrition and lifestyle to enable their customer enjoy a better life and empower them for maintaining optimum health. With continuous effort in help their customer go through a prosperous life with their products and treatment provided, ALPS also will always prioritize safety, quality and effectiveness in all operation.   

ALPS Medical Centre is in two locations, Menara See Hoy Chan in KL as well as in Genting Highland which is very premium. By completing the finest service, our professional and experienced medical team as well as dedicated staff will ensure that customers are confident, fresh and healthier with their good services.

Call them at 03-2166133 or 03-21638133 or email ask@alpsmedical.com or visit www.alpsmedical.com for more information regarding ALPS Medical Centre and our services.


All-New 2019 Toyota Vios Launch

Thursday, January 24, 2019

As Never Before, with A Grand Music Video UMW Toyota Motor releases its first ever music video starring the All-New Toyota Vios, Malaysian celebrity Shukri Yahaya and beatboxer Shawn Lee

Sportier and more advanced than its predecessor, the newest generation Vios was officially introduced today through its very own music video, a project created to defy convention and reignite Malaysians’ desire for this ever popular urban sedan. Featuring Malaysian celebrity Shukri Yahaya and beatboxer. Shawn Lee, the music video has been appropriately titled “As Never Before” and promises viewers a brief yet inspiring and authentic 2019 Vios experience.

“The first ever Toyota Vios was introduced in 2003 and today, we are proud to present our All-New Vios – a car that has undergone vast improvements to take driving experience to the next level. Just as we consistently bring innovation to our cars, we wanted to do the same in how we communicate to our customers. We wanted to move past the norm and because music is a universal language, we embarked on a creative journey to produce a catchy music video that speaks directly to the hearts of our consumers while showcasing the enhanced qualities of the All-New Vios. We pride ourselves on being different from the rest of the competition, and hence, are celebrating the new Toyota Vios, As Never Before,” said Mr Ravindran K., President of UMW Toyota Motor.

The inspiration began from the brand itself with its new brand premise “All About The Drive” for the All-New Toyota Vios. It inspired Toyota to create marketing ideas beyond conventional mediums and leverage on digital content that came in the form of musical entertainment. The first attempt for Toyota and the Vios, the music video is an amalgamation of the car’s aesthetic design, on-road drivability and performance as well as the new image. “As Never Before” relied on placing special cameras on specific points on the car to shoot the music video, giving the brand the opportunity to highlight the car’s optimum styling, performance and drivability when manoeuvring tight corners and sharp turns.

“This was a bold move for Toyota. By pushing the boundaries of what a typical car commercial looks like, Toyota has cemented its place among inspiring brands. The entire production, from its inception, required approximately three months and over 50 people to complete. It was a quite an interesting challenge but at the end of the day, it was all worth it. We hope Toyota doesn’t stop here and that the creativity will be kept alive,” said Rajay Singh, one of three renowned film directors to produce this video.

““As Never Before” is by far the largest scale music video for UMW Toyota Motor Malaysia not only in terms of production scale but overall creativity and effort as well. We also added magnitude to the music video by having two of our leading drivers of Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) to represent the brand and complete the image of the All-New Vios. Right from day one, Shukri Yahaya and Shawn Lee had the perfect chemistry as they were the only two driving together since the inception of Toyota Gazoo Racing in Malaysia and they have held their own in several races in the Sporting Class,” said Akio Takeyama, UMW Toyota Motor’s Deputy Chairman who is also an accomplished TGR racer himself.

Shukri Yahaya, whose journey with Toyota motorsport began in 2017-2018 season as a TGR racer, said that he was excited to be a part of this project and is immensely proud of the collective effort invested to create this music video. “This isn’t a project I’m accustomed to but it is close to my heart given my nostalgic history with Toyota. The spirit of the 2019 Toyota Vios is to exceed expectations by recognising trends and innovations, and ultimately be something better. This music video personifies that, and we hope our fellow Malaysians will be motivated to be better as well,” he said.

Also a fellow TGR racer, beatboxer Shawn Lee added that the nature of how the music video was shot makes it even more impressive, solidifying it as a memorable event in Toyota’s marketing history. “It was an honour to have been a part of this music video. Beatboxing and entertaining has always been and will always be my passion, but this project has elevated that to another level. What makes this project special is the creative ability to fuse music and automotive to create something fresh – I certainly look forward to being involved in more of such projects,” said Shawn Lee.

For more information, please visit: https://toyota.com.my/


Late Night Shopping at POP by Jaya One

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Past 10pm and no where to go? Rushing for Chinese New Year shopping and every where else is closed? Now you no longer have to worry because POP by Jaya One now offers Late Night Shopping every Friday to Sunday!

I had the pleasure of being one of the first few to enjoy late night shopping at POP by Jaya One. If you're not sure what POP by Jaya One is, imagine a curated space with some of your popular online sellers. Very unique and personalized space where you find hidden gems which make you POP!

During the first Late Night Shopping, certified Image Consultants from AICI Malaysia were present to share valuable tips on how to select the right clothes and accessories that compliments our unique body shapes. 

We were also assigned with our own personal image consultants as we went through the numerous racks of clothes and accessories in POP by Jaya One. For those of you who are looking for professional styling services, you can contact AICI Malaysia :)

Besides that, we were pampered to a free makeup session by Malswisse Beauty School and unique alcoholic drinks by Sanbos' mixologist. It was definitely a different experience shopping and enjoying ourselves at the hour where all shops were closed. 

POP by Jaya One will host more workshops and events in conjunction with their Late Night Shopping sessions so get the latest update by checking their Facebook Page:


Celebrate Prosperity, Happiness, Wealth and Good Luck in Vibrant Red, Pink, Green and Blue with Carlsberg this CNY!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Get cash ang paus, attractive prizes or free groceries with Carlsberg’s “Prosperity Begins With A POP!” campaign. This Chinese New Year, Carlsberg brought to LIVE “Prosperity Begins with a POP!” wishing consumers an abundance of Prosperity, Happiness, Wealth and Good Luck in vibrant red, green, pink and blue colours across its limited-edition packaging, promotions and campaign activities.

Held at Hao Xiang Chi Seafood in Pudu, KL, Carlsberg Malaysia feted approximately 500 trade partners and media guests to an enthralling and sumptuous CNY campaign launch gala dinner. Guests were captivated by the adaptation of the vibrant and colourful bottle caps and cans in red, green, pink and blue which painted a colourful ambience and celebratory festive mood.

Guests experienced the true CNY festive cheer as they engaged in the ongoing activities and promotions of Carlsberg’s “Prosperity Begins With A POP!” campaign carried out across pubs, restaurants, food courts, coffee shops as well as super-and-hypermarkets.

“Proud to be in the forefront of innovation, we celebrate this CNY with not just one colour – red but three, adding vibrant green, pink and blue - to Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught bottles and cans, giving a modern twist to the four Chinese greeting messages of Prosperity, Happiness, Wealth and Good Luck!” Lars Lehmann, Carlsberg’s Managing Director, said in his opening address.

Guests engaged in various fun and exciting activities like having a first-hand experience at the replicated “Probably The Best CNY Shopping Experience – You Shop, Carlsberg Pays!” booth where they got to “POP” a giant Carlsberg Smooth Draught can to stand a chance of winning RM800 worth of groceries all paid for by Carlsberg and beers!

Back by popular demand for the third consecutive year, “Probably The Best CNY Shopping Experience” activations will be held at participating supermarkets and hypermarkets on 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 24, 26 and 27 January 2019. Thus far, 65 winners got lucky at the activations that took place on 30 December, 5 and 6 January winning the Grand Prize of groceries all paid for by Carlsberg!

Check your forecast for 2019 on CarlsbergMY’s Facebook page as renowned Feng Shui consultant Dato’ Joey Yap unveils his predictions for the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs in relation to the elements of Prosperity, Happiness, Wealth and Good Luck. Stand a chance to win fantastic grand prizes consisting of electronic mahjong table sets that auto shuffles and sorts the game tiles that comes in two sets for convenience and hassle-free enjoyment! Other exciting prizes like limited edition mahjong sets, RM100 ang paus and playing cards are up for grabs too! All you need to do is check the winning icon under the bottle caps when enjoying Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught big bottles at coffee shops and food courts.

Own a mahjong set by topping up RM88 when they buy two cartons of Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught AND one carton of Somersby (any variant) OR one carton of Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc. Meanwhile, Tesco is giving away FREE mahjong sets when consumers spend RM600 on Carlsberg Malaysia products. “Prosperity Begins With A POP!” also at bistros, restaurants and pubs when consumers enjoy Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught to get a deck of playing cards and stand to win a RM100 beer voucher!'

It was a memorable event for guests as they took home a timely personalised gift pack each containing Carlsberg and Carlsberg Smooth Draught featuring the four festive colours with their zodiac and names calligraphed on it.

For more info and T&C, check out www.facebook.com/CarlsbergMY or visit www.probablythebest.com.my.


Uncage New Beginnings this Chinese New Year with Tiger Beer

Friday, January 11, 2019

Chinese New Year is the time of year when we usher in new beginnings with our family and friends. A new chapter of life is unveiled as we step into the new year with a renewed outlook on what is to come with the promise of good health, prosperity, and joy. Tiger Beer, Malaysia’s No. 1 Beer 1 , welcomed the Year of the Pig with a grand launch attended by HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad’s management team, trade partners and members of the media.

The venue was of utmost decadence adorned with lanterns and motifs reminiscent of old Shanghai with a modern twist in spirit of ushering the new. Upon arrival, guests got to ‘pluck’ angpows containing a lucky draw ticket from the gilded Tree of Wealth before opening the doors to new beginnings. The event began with a stunning lion dance performance, led by ZhuBajie (a popular character inspired by Chinese novel Journey to the West), to invite luck - with each of the five lions in the colours representing the brands of the HEINEKEN Malaysia portfolio – Tiger, Heineken®, Guinness, Anchor and Apple Fox.

With the festive mood at an all-time high, HEINEKEN Malaysia Managing Director, Roland Bala, commenced the event with his speech and awakened the dragon for a mesmerizing dragon dance performance. Guests had the opportunity to participate in the Yee Sang tossing ceremony to usher in new beginnings with their wishes for a bountiful year ahead followed by a dinner with unique dishes specially for the festive season.

Speaking at the event, Roland said, “The festive season is a time for us to usher in the new with a renewed spirit as we leave behind the old. HEINEKEN Malaysia wants to celebrate this auspicious beginning with our loyal consumers to make this Chinese New Year a memorable one. This is the time of year where we celebrate with family and friends, hence, this year’s Chinese New Year campaign is packed with opportunities for consumers to win simply by enjoying the range of award-winning brews in our portfolio.”

During the grand event, guests were able to participate in a range of auspicious games and activities as they ushered in the new year - from tea leaf and Chinese palm reading, to welcoming the year of the Pig with intricate Chinese paper cutting and personalized calligraphy, there was something for everyone as they embarked on their journey into the Chinese New Year.

Consumers can usher in the new beginnings and be rewarded this festive season with Tiger Beer – all they have to do is enjoy their favorite brews from HEINEKEN Malaysia’s portfolio. Until mid-February, consumers who purchase any big bottle of Tiger Beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout or Heineken® at participating coffee shops, food courts and Chinese restaurants can check underneath their bottle caps for three different characters - “福” (Fu), “禧” (Xi) and “猪” (Zhu) - representing the different prizes to be won. One bottle cap marked “福” (Fu) allows consumers to redeem an angpow worth RM88,888, one cap marked “禧” (Xi) can be exchanged to redeem an exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong set, and collecting 15 caps marked “猪” (Zhu) will allow consumers to redeem the exclusive Prosperity Bowl set – be sure to keep a look out to start your collection today!

The exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong sets are also available to be purchased at participating supermarkets during the month of January. With the purchase of three cartons of HEINEKEN Malaysia products - inclusive of one carton of Apple Fox - consumers can own the Tiger Beer Mahjong set for only RM99 while stocks last.

For more information on this campaign and its promotions, visit https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY. These promotions are only open to non-Muslims who are 21 years old and above.

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