Early Cancer Detection at ALPS Medical Centre

Cancer is no longer a foreign disease in this era as statistics show the drastic increasing trend of this horrifying disease. Approaching a great new technology in clinical care setting, ALPS Medical Centre (ALPS) operated by TMC Global Holdings Sdn. Bhd is now offering high quality health care to the community. As of the year 2016, there are approximately 100,000 Malaysians who have been diagnosed with cancer every year and mostly are women.

According to the founder, Professor Dato’ Sri Dr SK Tham, ALPS is a designated medical centre that provides comprehensive services and creates spectacular records in aesthetic, cosmetic, econstructive and healthy lifestyles since year of 2016. ALPS has also introduced new innovations as well as nurturing a conducive environment for their clients. 

ALPS Medical Centre has established itself as a high reputable boutique medical centre in Malaysia and another region. They provide high quality healthy aging, plastic surgery, reconstructive, cosmetic, aesthetic and lifestyle management services at reasonable rates.

ALPS Medical Centre consists of experienced and professional medical doctor dan healthcare staff equipped with high technology machines and world class facilities. They also meet the eligibility and certification of Ministry of Health and also a member of Medical Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) and Society for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Nutritional and Exercise Medicine.

In light of the drastic increasing trend of cancer, ALPS provides health screening services specifically for early detection of cancer by the age of 30 years old. This also serves to guide preventive methods for those who are at risk. Five main common cancer among Malaysian is breast cancer, colon cancer, cervix cancer and throat cancer. “If early detection can be done and patient have got their early necessary treatment, this disease can be cured”, he said. 

Beside health screening services, ALPS also is an expert in aesthetic services as botox injection, chemical peel, Q-Switch Laser, Thermage, Cryolipolysis and injectable dermal fillers, while cosmetic treatments available including liposuction, double eyelids and correction, fat transfer and lip augmentation.

ALPS also provided a counselling service and professional food guidelines for a health lifestyle. Their dietitian experts will try to help in various ways, especially in food intake, nutrition and lifestyle to enable their customer enjoy a better life and empower them for maintaining optimum health. With continuous effort in help their customer go through a prosperous life with their products and treatment provided, ALPS also will always prioritize safety, quality and effectiveness in all operation.   

ALPS Medical Centre is in two locations, Menara See Hoy Chan in KL as well as in Genting Highland which is very premium. By completing the finest service, our professional and experienced medical team as well as dedicated staff will ensure that customers are confident, fresh and healthier with their good services.

Call them at 03-2166133 or 03-21638133 or email ask@alpsmedical.com or visit www.alpsmedical.com for more information regarding ALPS Medical Centre and our services.