DPL Hair Removal Treatment @ Wax Candy Damansara Uptown

"BEAR in BARE" Waxing is a necessity, be bold, be confident, be a lifestyle" - says Wax Candy The Wax Bar! One of women's biggest no-no is to be caught with a hairy underarm or even worse to be compared to a monkey. With so many different hair removal treatment, we can really see the technology advancing with the introduction of Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) Treatment. 

Established in 2016, Wax Candy have made big efforts in "hygiene lifestyle" and health promotion. It helps to benefit your critical health numbers whereby to provide you your personal hygiene in the most cosy and friendly environment in their wax bar.

After operating in Taman Desa for 3 years, they recently opened a new outlet in Damansara Uptown just opposite the main entrance of Starling Mall. Located on the second floor above MKP Lum Mee, you will find a cozy beauty salon which will take away your hairy woes. 

Upon your first visit, a consent form will be provided which informs the staffs of your allergies, product use, medication etc. This will ensure you are well taken care of so no cheating on this ok :)

DPL Hair Removal

This is the latest technology combining traditional IPL and Laser Power Source to achieve a semi-permanent hair reduction. Using heat energy from laser to target dark pigments in the hair follicles and reduces new hair follicles from growing. With this technology, you can expect 70 - 85% permanent hair reduction rate. 

The DPL Hair Removal Treatment enables quicker treatment, time and money savings (no more endless razors, shaving creams and each treatment lasts longer) and avoid in-grown hair from forming. 

For underarm, the price is about RM320.

My Experience

You will be lead into a room where the staff will first cleanse your underarms with antibacterial wipes. They will also shave your underarm before applying a cooling gel. This is to ensure you don't get burnt during the treatment. Safety goggles are provided to protect your eyes from the light and treatment will commence.

The machine emits bursts of light which targets your hair follicles so you will feel slight prick similar with ant bite. This differs among individuals but don't worry because you'll definitely survive it. Each treatment was super fast and takes just about 10 minutes. Once you're done with your treatment, your underarm will be cleaned and sanitized.

Reminder: Don't apply deodorant or do excessive exercise right after the treatment. Wait for at least 24 hours. 

Wax Candy also offers in-house products like the Gumme Serum and Gumme Scrubs. This can help soothe and moisturize the skin while brightening and preventing ingrown hair too. Both products are formulated in Australia with more than 90% natural plant ingredients.

Wax Candy
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