LA’SOUL Creamy Matte Volumizing Lipsticks - A series of bold colours and protection for your lips.

LA'SOUL Skin Nutrition Expert is well known for its expertise in producing high quality and superior beauty products from Korea; it has been introduced in Malaysia since 2013 and has received encouraging response.

This time, LA'SOUL is launching its lipstick range that will spark up every women's day. LA'SOUL Matte Creamy Volumizing Lipstick is a lipstick that not only enhances the beauty of women, but it also boosts their self-confidence.

LA'SOUL Lipstick has a matte look but actually feels creamy on the lips.  Its silken softness is due to the presence of micro christalyn wax as part of the ingredients. The lipstick would stay fresh with bright colour that last throughout the day. 

Six choices of colours are made available in this range which will suit all of your needs, such as Star Nude, Mocha Choc, Velvet Burgundy, Passion Rosy, Poppy Pink and Cherry Peach. The high quality anti-aging content will help makes your lips more elastic while giving long-lasting protection.

These are some important ingredients which ensure the quality of the nutrients in LA'SOUL Matte Creamy Volumizing Lipstick:

Enriched with moisturizing agents of Camellia Japonica Seed Oil that are acidic like Oleic, Linoleic, Palmaitic which inhibits the lips-skin oxidation and provide ample moisture to the skin.

This lighter oil texture gives a shine effect and refreshes the lips. It also maintains the health of the lips and ensures radical-free skin.

Stops moisture-evaporation from the lips and provides a moist effect as well as a radiant looking lips. This ingredient also protects the lips from getting contaminated and increases the skin regeneration cycles in order to keep it well-maintained.

Lastly, LA'SOUL contains vitamin E to protect and delay the lips damage by anti-oxidant effects and also reduce dehydration ratio on the lips.

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