Travel Plans After Pandemic - Top 3 Tips!

The last time I was on a plane traveling some few thousand miles away was more than a year ago. That was before the whole pandemic struck the world and we were all in lockdown. Travel and bucket lists are all on a temporary stop as we all just reminisce of the past travel memories and dream of the day, we can one day travel again. I can’t even count the number of bookmarked deals and travel places that are in my saved folders especially with all the deals that I have been seeing on the web.

To the point where I started seeing more travel recommendations places to stay on my feeds which is no doubt due to my frequent searches on Google. Even a short trip down south to our neighboring country, Singapore doesn’t sound that bad (well if only the borders would open up again).

Credits: Traveloka

It’s really so easy nowadays to find the preferred hotel from websites to travel apps. I just saw Raffles Hotel advertisement on my timeline feed. Must be because I googled Hotel in Singapore last few days. We can compare prices on hotels easily and read reviews. Reading reviews help choose the right hotel that best suits our budget and expectation. 

I started to really explore the world about 6 years ago where the first major expedition is to Europe to visit my sister in Amsterdam. That was where I really picked up a few travel tips which you can take into consideration when planning for your next trip. 

Top 3 Travel Tips Before Planning Your Next Holiday 

1. Booking the right accommodation

This is so important that I have to put it at the top of the list. Here’s a funny story: During my travels to Europe, my sister booked accommodation for us. She was still very inexperienced during that time and since we were on a budget, she focused on the price but unfortunately missed out on the reviews. This landed us in hot water (or should I say freezing water) when we arrived in London and had to stay at this location which was very dodgy where the heater was not working and they did not even have running hot water! Imagine all this happening in winter! We were freezing to our bones that night, cuddling each other to sleep before I searched up the nearest accommodation. That was when we saw the reviews for that location were bad. So first tip, check the reviews!

2. Check your prices

As much as we want the best holiday experience, there is no point going for a holiday and coming back eating bread every day. My second tip is to search for the best deals by comparing several sites. It used to be a hassle but now with so many travel websites, you get to compare prices and get the best room rates and exciting promotions. Plus the prices listed are inclusive of all applicable taxes, surcharges, and payment fees which is really important too! I remember there was once where I booked a hotel at a super good deal, only to realize there were additional charges once we checked it which cost a bomb! This includes hotel stays and flight tickets too

3. Itinerary vs Non-Itinerary

This is totally up to you but either way DO YOUR RESEARCH! Jot down the places of interest, good places to eat, and make the best out of your trip. But, at the same time relax, enjoy the experience, and let just laugh at anything that doesn’t go your plan. I used to be super duper uptight about making sure all my plans are in order and on schedule which can be a real bummer. Then I realized there was so much fun in surprises and letting the country you’re in just bring you on a new journey. I love exploring local places and experiencing being a local myself

We don’t know when we would be able to travel again but I sure am bookmarking all these deals I’m seeing. Once the borders are opened, you’ll know where to find me! What are your travel tips and where would you like to travel to?


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