Healing From A Broken Relationship

Hi merry goers, 

It's been a while but this year I decided to relaunch #MiriamWrites where this category would be slightly more personal compared to my other posts. From the start, the reason this blog existed was as a medium for me to express my thoughts, document my life, and well connect with the world being an introverted extrovert. As time goes by, I guess as I connect with the real world, unfortunately, I may have strayed from the purpose of this little site I can proudly call my own. 

My last #MiriamWrites was definitely really bare and raw bidding farewell to my last love. Reading back and looking at the past year, I can say so much has changed for the better. 

Dear you, 

I love you. Even to this day, writing this final letter to you, I still love you

Today, I can say that I no longer do. As much as I can say I've moved on, it would be a lie to say that you don't hold any influence over it. They say that to heal and really move on, we would need double the amount of time we were together. Well, I guess I have got another 7 years to go to fully recover from the hurt you have caused me. But for now, I am grateful that I can say I am blessed that you left. As much as you would think it was your decision, I believe it was God's will that you are no longer in my life. 

Until then, I'm going to focus on the most important thing: ME and I will be documenting my journey of healing and battling any past scars while growing to be a healthier version of myself. 

Til next time,
xoxo Miriam