Top 6 Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Breakouts

6 reasons for acne breakouts miriammerrygoround

Hi merry goers!

Are breakouts and acne giving you a headache? Well, trust me when I say I've got you because breaking out makes me break down! Especially when I thought I'd found the perfect skincare routine, BAM! There the zit comes. If you're like me wondering why your breakout never ends, don’t worry because you are not alone.

Lucky for you, here's a list of the top reasons why you may be having acne based on my personal experience. If you found some habits or situations that you may have on this list, then you now know why you are breaking out. 

6 reasons for acne breakouts miriammerrygoround pillow sheets

1. You Do Not Change Your Sheets and Pillowcases 

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you regularly change your beddings. Especially if you realize that your breakouts normally occur around the cheek area, check when was the last time you changed your sheets and pillowcases. That's a sure sign for me that yup! It's time to get some clean sheets. 

Sure, you take a shower every night before you head to bed, but your bed is exposed to dirt and dust every day. Even when you are not in it, it gathers a lot of bacteria that can cause breakouts. Wash and change your beddings every two weeks to prevent the build-up of bacteria. 

6 reasons for acne breakouts miriammerrygoround food

2. You Aren’t Living a Healthy Lifestyle 

I cannot stress more than having glowing skin that comes from the inside out. I doubt that it would come as a shock if I were to say that your lifestyle choices ontributes to your acne. How are your sleeping patterns? Are you drinking enough water? Or perhaps you've had more than one round of Hai Di Lao or that Mala Hot Pot? 

All these contribute to your skin health. So, make sure that you are resting well and you are hydrated. Also, eat food that are can help your skin stay healthier and avoid breakouts. 

6 reasons for acne breakouts miriammerrygoround maskne

3. You Have Maskne 

Heard of Maskne? It's a new term, especially since the start of the pandemic referring to breakouts/acne that has been caused by wearing masks. If your breakouts are focused on your chin, jaw, and cheeks, especially more after the pandemic, high chance you probably have maskne. 

Covering our faces with masks for hours on a daily basis traps a lot of sweat and oils underneath them, making them a breeding ground for acne. If your skin is as sensitive as mine, I would recommend you try to change your mask regularly when going out and always wash your face when you get back home. 

I make sure to practice a good cleansing routine especially to avoid having breakouts. Double cleanse and regular deep cleansing helps to clear your pores, particularly for those of you who wear makeup on a daily basis too. This would help avoid our pores from clogging up and resulting in breakouts.

4. Your Skincare Is Drying Out Your Face 

You may be using many products that are meant to get rid of acne immediately, like zit cream. These products dry out the acne, and well, the rest of your face. If you are using these kinds of products, you may want to slow down on them. Do not use them often and when you do, make sure to moisturise your face after. 

5. Your Hair Is Causing Acne 

It is not your hair per se. Instead, it is the dirt and even products in them. People with fringes tend to have acne on their forehead because their hair sticks to it. Try to give your skin some room to breathe by keeping away your hair from it as much as you can. 

6. You Are Using the Wrong Products 

Sure, skincare products are made for skincare. However, not everyone’s skin is the same. There may be some ingredients in your products that result in acne breakouts. Before using any product on your face, make sure to do a skin patch test on your arm or another patch of skin. If there are no allergic reactions, use the product with caution. However, if you break out after using a new product, try switching that product out. 

There could be several reasons why you are breaking out. Understanding the cause can help you get rid of your acne. If you have done all you can and are still breaking out, you may want to consider seeing a professional. Acne is nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you’re trying to get rid of them, just make sure to use this article as a reference. 

Til next time,
xoxo Miriam


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