Get Ready for Nutella B-Ready!

Hi merry goers,

So what do you get when you combine a biscuit and Nutella? You get Nutella B-Ready!

Nutella, the iconic hazelnut spread, has extended its product range with Nutella B-Ready, a biscuit product recently launched in Malaysia. Designed for those who are on the go and for those looking for snacks between meals, the new Nutella B- Ready is the perfect and convenient solution. Nutella fans who enjoy it in a jar can now try it in a bar! 

Nutella B-Ready is crunchy on the outside with its wafer shell, and creamy on the inside with delicious Nutella® and a sprinkling of puffed wheat crisps. These go-to biscuit bars are individually wrapped for consumption throughout the day, anytime and anywhere. Sulabh Madhwal, Head of Marketing for Nutella South-East Asia, said that 

“Malaysians love their snacks, and at Ferrero, we are always trying to understand and address local needs in innovative ways. 

With Nutella B-ready, we are offering a new way for Malaysians to have a tasty snack on the go, which is made special with the well-liked imprint of Nutella.” 

Nutella B-Ready combines the iconic hazelnut spread with a multi-texture combination and is made from seven carefully selected and high-quality ingredients with no added coloring or preservatives. 

Nutella B-Ready is currently available on shelves at all major retailers, including supermarkets, convenience, grocery, and online stores in 2 formats - a single bar and a multipack of 6 bars.

For more information, visit Nutella Malaysia’s Facebook page or visit