How To Renew Malaysian Passport Online 2022, UTC Pudu Sentral

Hi merry goers!

Now that the borders are opened, I am sure many of us can't wait to just fly out and explore the world. But first things first, you might want to check if your passport is expired because you sure do not want to be barred from boarding. 

Can't believe that it has been 2 years since we could last travel and well my passport was definitely way past the expiry date and since I was planning a trip to Singapore soon, it's time to renew it. If you're like me and not too sure what are the exact steps to renew your passport, well I have got you covered. Here are what you need to do and prepare so that you do not be like me and make a blunder! 

Firstly, you can opt to walk in to renew or to renew it online. As for myself, I chose to renew my passport online to make things simpler and pick it up from UTC Pudu since it was near to my office. You can choose to walk in to renew it as well but please know that the queue can be craaaaazyyy! 

Renewing passport online took less than 10minutes. But let me share with you what happened that even one month later I have yet to receive my passport. 

You can now avoid long waits and crowded immigration offices by renewing your passport online from the comforts of your home! All you have to do is provide all the information required via the  and collect it in person once it's ready. Note: only applicants aged 13 years old and above can renew their passport online.

Plus effective 12 May, all PMA renewal arrangements throughout the country must be made through the online system, except for new PMA applications, senior citizens, the disabled, children under 13, pilgrims, students, and PMAs who have been damaged/lost.

So how does it work? All you need to do is head to My Online Passport's webpage, key in your details and select the location to collect your passport. Remember to print out the receipt because a hardcopy of the receipt is needed to collect your passport. 

Opening hours of passport issuing offices: 

[weekdays] KL, Putrajaya, Selangor, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka: 730AM - 10PM 
[weekdays] Penang, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis: 730AM - 6PM 
[daily] Urban Transformation Centres (UTCs) in Peninsular Malaysia: 830AM - 10PM
Saturday hours: 8AM - 1230PM from 14 May onwards

p/s: most offices are closed for a 2.5-hour break (from 1215 - 245PM) on Fridays. Do double check the opening hours of the office you're planning to visit as opening hours may vary. 

Click for a list of offices you can visit to get your passport renewed!

Current passport renewal rates (5-year validity): 
RM200 for applicants aged 13 - 59 years old & RM100 for applicants aged 60 years and above.

After completing your application, you'll need to pick up your new passport from the office of your choice. You would see the date to collect on your receipt or receive an email to collect your passport within 3 days. If you did not, just head straight to the office to check. I was waiting for more than a month because I was wondering if my passport was ready or not. 

Bring along the following to pick up your passport. I made the mistake of not printing out my receipt the first time I went to collect my passport.  

- Your identification card (MyKad), 
- Existing passport, and
- The receipt. 

I selected UTC Pudu to collect my passport because I thought it would be fewer people but oh boy was I wrong. I heard that it was faster at the other immigration centers. With the extended operating hours, the queues were reported to be much better too. 

Also, make sure you dress appropriately otherwise you might risk not being able to collect your passport too. Do note that there is a break time from 1pm to 2pm as well and around 1230pm, the officer would start informing that they are not accepting any more applications until after 2pm. 

Between coming back again and queuing from the start or staying in the queue and wait an additional hour, I decided the latter. Bad choice when I was wearing heels but rather than coming back the third time, it might be wiser. About an hour after the line reopened at 2pm, we were allowed to enter batch by batch with senior citizens having the priority. Do check that your passport is ready for collection already especially if you applied it online so that you do not waste time queuing. 

After submitting my receipt, old passport, and IC I waited for my number to be called. I had to retake my photo so please be ready just in case you have to retake your photo too! Just a quick touchup and 1,2,3 say cheese! The process was averagely quick once you get the number and about 30minutes or so, you would be able to collect your passport. Remember to check your details are accurate :)

Parking-wise, I parked in UTC Pudu parking lot which was quite absorbent. The first hour was RM3.50 and I spent a total of RM12.50 for roughly 4 hours parked there. And that's my experience renewing my passport at UTC Pudu. Now it's time to fly!


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