Inside Scoop is bringing you and your loved ones “Sweetness that Lasts Many Moons” this Mid-Autumn Festival!

As this cherished festivity comes around to grace our homes with warmth, there’s so much about celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival that sparks nostalgia within us. Family reunions, walking around the neighborhood with a lantern in hand, and enjoying delicious bites of mooncakes - memories like these have become so precious in our lives. 

With the thought of honoring these traditions and memories for generations to come, Inside Scoop has launched their Mid-Autumn Festival campaign, “Sweetness that Lasts Many Moons, 月圆越甜” to bring you and your family sweetness for a lifetime! In the spirit of bringing people together, Inside Scoop has collaborated with a renowned tea house, Purple Cane to develop a fan-tea-stic new mooncake ice cream flavor and also with the miniature artist, Picoworm to create stunning visuals for the campaign. 

A reunion isn’t complete without a sweet ending. Inside Scoop has launched exclusive Mooncake Boxes which come in 2s or 4s, making them perfect for gifting. The featured flavor stars the new Oolong Tea Mooncake

Enjoy the flavors of Oolong tea ice cream made with Jersey Milk steeped in Purple Cane Wu Long Wang tea that sits on a praline feuilletine base with a red bean center to mimic the yolk. Aromatic and sweet with a crunchy bite, it’s finished with a white chocolate shell colored in purple to top off the look. 

Alongside the Oolong Tea Mooncake is the Chocolate Orange Pop Mooncake. Made with 70% Belgian Dark Chocolate ice cream, popping candy, and an orange jam center as the yolk, it’s covered with a dark chocolate shell that’ll surely bring an extra pop of joy to the little ones! 

And of course, not forgetting the timeless favorites - Durian Mooncake, which promises a rich bite of Durian ice cream with a chocolate ganache center wrapped in green snow skin, and Unicorn Mooncake, a delightful combination of everyone’s favorite Unicorn ice cream with a tangy raspberry jelly center that’s wrapped in white mochi-like snow skin. 

The Mooncake Box of 2 comes with Oolong Tea Mooncake and Chocolate Orange Pop Mooncake whereas the Mooncake Box of 4 comes with all of the flavors above. 

There’s no better way to savor the little moments that make Mid-Autumn Festival so special than to literally replicate it. Inside Scoop has worked with Picoworm, a miniature artist, to create miniatures that represent nostalgic reunions for the campaign’s visuals. 

From dining with family during reunion dinner to running about with lanterns at the playground, each scene was created by hand with impressive detail. You’d be surprised to learn that the miniatures are about the size of your finger! Make sure to catch the video to learn more about Inside Scoop’s collaboration with Picoworm. Enjoy “Sweetness that Lasts Many Moons” with your loved ones by surprising them with Inside Scoop this Mid-Autumn Festival!