Orphan First Kill To Open In Malaysian Cinemas On 4 August

Go back to where it all began. 

Does she look familiar? Who still gets chills down their spine when Esther looks their way because guess who's back - Leena or also known as Esther in the gory horror movie Orphan: First Kill

Orphan: First Kill is a prequel tale that takes place prior to the first film. 

Back in 2009, audiences were introduced to Leena, the psychopathic orphan, who set out to abuse her adoptive family and seduce her adoptive father. In the original film, Isabelle Fuhrman played the titular character who was initially thought to be a nine-year-old girl but was actually a 33-year-old lady with a medical issue that caused her to look like a child. The gory horror movie was a gripping psychological tale that was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. 

Now over 13 years later, audiences are invited to explore the complex mind of Leena once again in this prequel story. Orphan: First Kill focuses on Leena again, with original actor Fuhrman returning her role. 

“After escaping from an Estonian psychiatric hospital, Leena travels to America as the lost daughter of an affluent Connecticut family,” according to the official description. 

“However, Leena’s new existence as ‘Esther’ has an unforeseen twist, pitting her against a mother who would defend her family at any cost.” Julia Stiles plays the mother in the film. 

Joining Fuhrman and Stiles in this horror tale are Rossif Sutherland, Matthew Finlan, and Hiro Kanagawa. Interestingly, Fuhrman, now 24, told The Hollywood Reporter that she chose to repeat her role under the guise of nine-year-old Leena without any CGI de-aging. 

Orphan: First Kill is directed by William Brent Bell (The Boy) from a script by David Coggeshall. TGV Pictures will be releasing the film in cinemas on 4 August 2022.