Thai Hou Sek @ Mid Valley Megamall : Thai-Chinese Fusion Cuisine Review

Sawadeeka~ กินข้าวหรือยัง Kin k̄ĥāw h̄rụ̄x yạng? Have you eaten yet? How about joining me for some Thai Hou Sek, Thai-Chinese fusion comfort food that would transport you to the streets of Yaowarat Road, Bangkok? No need to get your passports out because today let me bring you to Thai Hou Sek in Mid Valley Megamall. 

Located at LG Floor, Mid Valley Megamall right next to AEON Big you will spot this neon-lit restaurant. Thai Hou Sek is an established street-inspired restaurant conceived in 1995 and known for its Chinese-inspired Thai cuisine, which is served in a unique environment reminiscent of Bangkok’s vibrant Yaowarat Road. 

The entire space is alive with speakeasy vibes, accented by warm lighting, a neon-lit elephant, and a wall papered with newspaper clippings and antique posters of Thai advertisements. You can find a shaded mural of King Bhumibol Adjulyadej on one wall. It’s a fantastic picture of Thailand, which is modernising while maintaining its roots and customs.  

With the passion of the Thais and Chinese in utilizing zestful herbs and spices in their cuisines mixed with Malaysian's common love of good food and comfort, Thai Hou Sek aims to charm us with not only the many familiar Thai-Chinese favourites but also sinful and inquisitive pork-infused dishes. Wittily named 'Thai Hou Sek',  Hou sek is a homonym for ‘very/too much,’ and tai is a homonym for ‘very/too much.’ As a result, it might be interpreted as “too tasty” or “Thai food is delicious.” 

Fresh from the wok, Thai Hou Sek introduces their very own 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐢-𝐂𝐡𝐨𝐰 (大炒)! From an appetizing Sticky Nam Tuk Beef Strips to a tasty Lotus Root & Fish Cake Stir-fry, to a fragrant Claypot Pork & Leek, it's time to dig in or as they say ‘sek faan’ (吃飯)! 

First up, Sticky Nam Tuk Beef Strips (RM 23.90). Crispy beef strips cooked kungpo style, it's sticky and insanely addictive! Love the kick of spiciness that balances the sweetness from the caramelized sauce. Best to enjoy freshly served for the best experience! 

I never expected to taste wok hei in a Thai dish but the Claypot Pork & Leek with Tamarind & Kaffir Lime Leaf (RM 23.90) definitely delivered. The first bite has a chinese influence from the taste of the oyster sauce but with a twist as you bite into some lemongrass, tamarind or kaffir lime leaf. Chunky pork pieces tender and well-seasoned. 

The last dish definitely interesting with Lotus Root & Thai Fish Cake Stir Fry with Thai Dried Chili  (RM 17.90) as they fused the usual stir-fried lotus root with Thai Hou Sek signature Thai Fish Cake. I love lotus root dishes and this was definitely enjoyable to share. There was a light spice with every bite and the Thai Fish Cake just complements the overall dish. 

If you love your dry Bak Kut Teh, try the new Claypot Porkilicious Dried BKT. Definitely wouldn't expect a BKT dish in a Thai restaurant but this is where Thai Hou Sek differs from the rest. Spicy and aromatic flavors, well-marinated pork pieces served in this claypot,  I think I'll even just dine here when I have BKK cravings.

Asides from the new Thai-Chow series, the rest of the menu has a lot to offer. Dining alone or in a group, you have a variety of shared main courses and solo rice/noodle dishes to choose from too. 

Thai-Hou-Share Platter (RM 37) 

A sharing platter of Thai Hou Sek's best selling appetizers. Their Babi-Q Skewers were so tender and well seasoned you'd definitely enjoy. It also comes with the Pandan Chicken and Thai Fish Cake which is a great start to your meal. 

Seafood Tomyam ( RM 31.90)

How can we not order Tomyum when in a Thai Restaurant? You can opt for the clear tomyum or red tomyum soup with two selections: Seafood Tomyum and Siu Yuk Tomyum. Both had a nice kick of spiciness to it and juicy seafood like prawns, squids, mussels and fish. 

Stir Fried Baby Kailan (RM 17.90)

If you're looking for a nostalgic taste of what home taste like, this simple dish just might be the answer. Choose either roasted pork or Japanese tofu and salted egg with it. Really interesting how a classic chinese dish still had thai influence in it. 

Pork-ilicious Green Curry (RM 27.90)

One of my favourite Thai dish is Green Curry. Ever since I first tasted it when I was studying in Kelantan, I have yet to find one that reminds me of the flavor. Here in Thai Hou Sek, they use pork shoulder meat, roaster pork and pork balls cooked in thick green curry which was creamy and calls for more than one bowl of rice to pair. 

Steamed Fish & Clams In Spicy Lime Sauce (RM 70.90)

Any fish fans in the house? If yes, don't forget to order this sea bass dish which is perfectly steamed whole with clams in their signature spicy garlic lime sauce. Flaky white paired with that tangy sweet broth, it was an appetite stimulator and I recommend to start with this if you were dining here. 

What is a good meal if it doesn't include desserts? And for me, I will never fail to order my top most favorite Thai dessert - Tab Tim Krob (RM 14). But Thai Hou Sek blew my mind with how ingenious their version of Red Ruby dessert is because instead of the traditional shaved ice and coconut cream, they served it with coconut ice cream instead! This was perfect with the huge chewy and crunchy rubies, sweet jackfruit and mango slices. No more diluted desserts even when the ice cream melts!

Here's a special treat for you! Quote this Promo code #MiriamxTHS to claim a FREE  Tab Tim Krab or Coconut Surprise (worth RM14) with any order of ala carte main items ( *main items refers to Sharing Dishes, Rice & Noodles in the ala carte menu.). Valid until 14 October 2022

And of course another popular Thai dessert would be the Mango Sticky Rice (RM 14). Warm, chewy glutinous sticky rice served with sweet mango slices and some ground peanuts for some texture. Portion size was generous for sharing too which means you get to order more to share! 

Thai Hou Sek Mid Valley 

LG-34, Mid Valley Megamall 1, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2202 3031 
Open Daily: 11 am – 10 pm 

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