The Olive Tree 'Secret Garden' Holiday Season Launch Collection Celebrates The Holiday Season With A Collection Inspired By The Luscious Yet Mysterious ‘Secret Garden’

A ‘Secret Garden’ holds mysteries that keep us enthralled and excited. It brings us into a world of surprises - an intriguing hideaway, a fertile ground for rejuvenation and relaxation, and a safe sanctuary that nourishes our souls. Such a fascinating place has inspired The Olive Tree to create this new Holiday 2022 Collection. 

With breakthrough ingredients rooted in nature, The Olive Tree invites you to reset and repair with a new collection infused with the youthful elixir found in the depth of the ‘Secret Garden’ - SEA BUCKTHORN EXTRACT. 


“A vegan formulation, this premium damage repair range is perfect for people with dry, flaky, irritated skin and hair. It is suitable to be used on all skin and hair types. A natural alternative to retinol, sea buckthorn extract is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, K, C, and E, with an array of beneficial bioactive compounds and minerals. Combined with our Australian Ultra Premium Olive Oil as the base, these amazing ingredients will work together to transform our body, mind and soul!” enthused Hong Mei, Founder of The Olive Tree. 


Despite the name, sea buckthorn does not come from the sea. It is grown on flowery shrubs found in the mountainous regions of Asia and Europe. Commonly known as SEABERRY, this small but mighty berry is packed with nutrients that help to heal from inside out. It contains 10 times more Vitamin C than an orange, multiple protective antioxidants, moisturizing omegas and unrivalled anti-inflammatory properties. 

For skin, not only does sea buckthorn moisturizes while regulating oil, it repairs skin cells, improves skin tone, decreases fine lines, and fights free radicals for younger, glowing skin. It is a dream come true for people experiencing acnes as it drastically reduces breakouts and heals blemishes without ever drying the skin. 

This powerful plant is just as beneficial for the hair as it is for the skin. Sea buckthorn extract helps strengthen and repair damaged hair. It can be used to cleanse scalps by regulating excess oil without drying the hair out. Its nurturing extract improves hair strand’s elasticity, adds shine and promotes healthy growth. Best of all, it is suitable to treat any hair problems, from dry and frizzy to oily scalp, hair loss and heavy odour!

The Olive Tree Holiday 2022 Collection


Enriched with sea buckthorn extract, this body wash enhances the protective barriers of the skin, prevents moisture loss and maintains hydration. Energizing and uplifting, it is lightly scented with the fresh, fruity Bergamot and Frankincense, an aromatic resin that contains good antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties. Available in two sizes of 500ml at RM94.90 and 30ml at RM29.90.


Rich yet lightweight body lotion that absorbs instantly onto skin to soften and restore skin’s elasticity. Enhanced with sea buckthorn extract and 5 botanical blends of essential oils, this product ensures your skin lipid barrier is strengthened for superior protection whilst fighting free radicals that results in younger looking skin. Priced at RM84.90 for a bottle of 250ml. 


Lightweight and ultra-moisturizing hand cream infused with nutrient-abundant sea buckthorn extract that is perfect for anyone who is on-the-go! This cream stimulates collagen production with its rich lemon extract and protects the lipid’s barrier, leaving your hands all smooth and soft. The citrusy, floral scent from the botanical blends will boost your mood and promote relaxation. Grab it at RM29.90 for a tube of 30ml. 


Well balanced shampoo that deeply repairs as well as prevents moisture loss. With sea buckthorn extract as the key ingredient, this shampoo combines with other ingredients such as Bergamot to stimulate cell renewal, Frankincense to treat hair loss, Lemon for scalp cleansing, Geranium to promote hair growth, and Black Pepper for the energizing aroma with a slight hint of spiciness. Get the shampoo at RM99.90 for a bottle of 500ml and RM29.90 for 30ml. 


Deep conditioning silicone-free hair conditioner that primarily restores radiance and protects your hair from pollution, chemicals and UV damage. In addition, this product smoothens, detangles and tames frizzy hair like how a good conditioner should! With the sea buckthorn extract formulation, your hair will look healthy and shiny. Available at RM99.90 for a bottle of 500ml. 


Apart from the range infused with sea buckthorn extract, we encourage you to try our nourishing mini soap cubes in six additional natural scents. All mini soap cubes are made of Australian Ultra Premium Olive Oil with natural colouring and essential oils. Specially crafted for the holiday season, the scents are packed under The Gardener’s Dreams Trio Soap Kit where each kit features 3 refreshing scents. 

The first features Lavender Clarity, Pink Frankincense and Minty Candy while the second features Matcha Chamomile, Golden Caedarwood and Blossom Ylang. Each trio soap kit is priced at RM49.90 with each cube weighing approximately 40g. 

Special Collaboration with @BungaDanBintang 

This festive season also sees a flourishing collaboration between The Olive Tree and local illustrator, Nur Syakirin binti Saharom (who goes under the pseudonym of @BungaDanBintang), to produce an exclusive packaging for the new Holiday 2022 collection. Based on her love for nature and plants, Nur Syakirin created an abstract graphic in two variations, to depict a lively garden filled with vivid florals and lush olive trees.

“It is where happiness blooms in the garden. I want to pay tribute to The Olive Tree but at the same time, keeping my signature style of toying with organic shapes. It is always a dream for me to work on a big collection with a brand that genuinely loves my work. I am truly happy to see my design appearing on products that everyone gets to see, feel and touch daily. In a way, you can say that the garden represents how I am feeling at the moment,” 

smiled Nur Syakirin as she explained the inspiration behind the illustration.

The Olive Tree Holiday Promotions


Wonderbrew will create an exclusive flavour of Kombucha as a cross promotional tool throughout November to December 2022. The Olive Tree is giving away 1 x My Secret Garden Wanderlust Travel Set (comprises 2 x bottles of Wonderbrew Kumbucha and The Olive Tree 3-in-1 Holiday 2022 travel set) for every retail purchase above RM350. 

Meanwhile, Wonderbrew will give away free The Olive Tree 3-in-1 Holiday 2022 travel set for every purchased set of 10 x Wonderbrew Kombucha bottles. Available until stocks last. 


Between 1 – 31 December 2022, Uniqlo is giving away free The Olive Tree 3-in-1 Holiday 2022 travel set for every online purchase above RM250 via Uniqlo Malaysia’s online store. Available until stocks last.

All products of The Olive Tree are available for purchase online through At present, shipping is free for all purchases within Malaysia and Singapore. For more information or to interact with The Olive Tree team, please visit their webpage, Facebook or Instagram @theolivetreecompany