Remembering Lim Hock Lam: A Tribute to Purple Cane Founder

The sound of your footsteps along the corridor

As you pass by my cubicle

Calling out my name 

"Miriam! All good? If there's any doubts you have or if you need anyone to clear your mind, I'm just a door away. Just knock on my door ok?"

Your voice still rings so clearly in my head. I never knew that would be the last time I would hear your voice and words of wisdom, positivity, and encouragement.

1 September 2023

I still remember it was three months ago when I first heard that you got admitted into the hospital for a heart bypass - my heart sank. Ironically, it was on the same day you got admitted that I was down with influenza. I remember informing you that I was not feeling well but did not receive any reply. It was only when I heard that you were admitted into The next few days being stuck in bed feeling so tortured, I can't imagine how much more in pain were you as you went through all the procedures with tubes being stuck all over your body. 

The last 3 months, as we receive the daily updates on your condition I always held on to the faith that you'd persevere through. Maybe in my mind, you were like a superhero that would never die. That this was just a temporary setback for you to rest and recharge. 

The day we heard you were discharged, it was a ray of sunshine - that you were on the road to recovery. I'm glad I made a point to visit you. As much as it was a business visit to clear some work with Ms Lee, I'm glad that we had that short talk with together. 

I remember how Ms Lee waking you up and asking if you recognized me. You immediately said Miriam and asked how's everything. How heartbroken I was to see your frail body - reminding me that you're only human and how hard you tried to keep up the energy to talk to us. You fought a good battle and you were victorious in my eyes. I always told those around me that one day you will walk through the company doors again, sit in our meetings and tell us of your heroic story of overcoming death.

But never did I know that you'd be readmitted into ICU and that was the last moments with you...

14 December 2023

Receiving this message informing us that you've left the world.
I didn't know what to feel or think
It felt so unreal, like it was just a dream (a nightmare) 
Like at any moment, I'd just wake up and realize that I was just dreaming or imagining it 

老板,你真的给了我们一个巨大的惊喜 (Boss, you really have us a huge surprise at the end)

老板 (Boss) ,

There is much more left for me to say that I will never have the chance to do so anymore. Your passing really showed me how short life is and how we need to appreciate every single moment with those around us because we never know that it may be the last moment. 

A New Season

18 January 2023

This date marks a new season, shaped by your influence.

Your encouragement propelled me to greater heights, At a time when self-doubt clouded my vision. The 32-year-old me, unsure of my abilities, You saw beyond my insecurities, revealing another path in Purple Cane.

In the face of challenges and simplicity, your visionary dreams endured. I witnessed your commitment to expanding the tea culture,  Built over years at Purple Cane, a testament to resilience.

You always told everyone of the tale of how TEA+ eslite spectrum came about

How this naive and silly girl took up the challenge and said "Yes" to you right before the clock strike 12. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, and no regrets that I said "Yes" to you.

Never Try Never Know!

You were a visionary who never ceased dreaming, Resilient in the face of adversity, light undiminished. Some may have doubted, trampled, or dismissed, But not me.

Just Do It!

I saw resilience, care for others, and a boss who prioritized his team. You cared more for the company than personal comfort. Your "Just Do It" philosophy became my guiding light, Clearing doubts and strengthening resolve.

A Grateful Heart

Whenever doubts clouded my mind, Or opinions of others weakened me, You were a door knock away, true to your word. You instilled strength and confidence, Guiding me to achieve what I have today.

Thank you, my only regret lies in unspoken gratitude, For not expressing how much you inspired and impacted me. You were a fatherly figure I never had, A beacon in my journey.

A Farewell and a Promise


As we bid you farewell, Boss, the ache in our hearts persists, A void left by your departure is profound and irreplaceable. Yet, as we navigate the path ahead without your physical presence, We carry with us the lessons, the wisdom, and the warmth you bestowed.

Your legacy, etched in the corridors of Purple Cane, lives on. I am resolved to honor your memory by continuing the journey you started. It won't be the same without your guidance and infectious spirit,

I believe you'll be watching over us, the company you nurtured, With pride and joy to witness its growth and success.

Boss, your impact on my life is immeasurable, And though you may no longer be with us in person, Your spirit lives on in the values, dreams, and aspirations you instilled. Thank you for being a guiding light, a mentor, and a friend.

Rest in peace, knowing your legacy continues to flourish.