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Monday, October 05, 2015

Hello my dear merry goers! Time for a #MiriamTravel post!

Do you remember my previous post about me watching a live magic show at Genting Highlands? It was the Superstars of Magic 4 show and it was really amazing! If you have not seen these magicians live in action, you should really get your hands on the tickets and enjoy it! Anyway, watching the magic show was not the only program on the itinerary because thanks to Resort World Genting, I was able to go Behind-The-Scenes of what goes on in Resort World Genting! Yes from the laundry room to the kitchen and also even the magic behind all the awesome performances you have been enjoying! So here's a short tour on what you can witness if you join the Behind-The-Scenes tour that Resort World Genting is offering to you! 

| Laundry Room |

First up let's have a look at how the First World Hotel which is the largest hotel not only in Malaysia but to be the largest in Southeast Asia handle all their laundry! See that chute over there? Well, every day when room service does their job of cleaning up each room, the sheets are all thrown down the chute to the laundry room to be washed, clean and pressed! Just look at the amount of laundry they have to manage. Every minute there will be a load of sheets coming down the chute.

Next it is then sent to the washing area where they have these large bags of dirty sheets getting ready to be washed in their enormous washer to be nice and clean.

I am not kidding you when I say they have tons of laundry to do because just look at all those bags! Each bag is filled with dirty sheets waiting to be washed.

After the sheets have been washed, they are then dried and iron. They have different ironing machines for different laundry items for example dirty sheets, table clothes and etc. These irons really does the job of pressing out all the creases in the sheets. In goes a crumpled sheet and out comes a nice clean sheet pressed to perfection.

They even have irons for pillowcases and other smaller items!

At First World Hotel, there are patrons who request for dry cleaning services especially for those who are attending grand events or gala. This handy machine here which actually cost RM50,000 is an ironing machine for button down shirts. They even have a section where it can iron the collar and seriously it was so cool how the whole ironing process just took around 1 to 2 minutes! They just had to place the shirt or blazer onto the machine and in just seconds! All nicely pressed and iron.

| Dining |

Of course when we think of hotels, we will also think about food. During the Behind-The-Scenes tour, you will be able to do some hands on cooking. *well without the fire* Kids will definitely enjoy this fun activity corner where they can decorate donuts or even do a mini bento set! Not only kids, but us adults who went for the tour definitely had fun as well.

With the different decoration and ingredient items, there will be chefs guiding the process of making your very own customized donut and bento. Just look how cute the food puncher is with the smiley face and also all the sweet treats to be added to the donut.

Given a plastic tray to store our food item it was time to start making my bento! There are plastic molds prepared to create your bento and I chose a cute teddy bear mold to be filled with my rice. Just stuff the mold with the rice, press down hard and pop out comes the rice teddy. You can then decorate the bento with the ingredients provided.

The donut decorating corner was also well received by both adults and kids! You could add your own fillings like blueberry jam, kaya, cream and top it with some coloured rice, chocolate decorations and etc.

So after the whole process here's my bento set and donut which was practically down my tummy in the next hour or so.*giggles* It not only looks good but taste yummy too just perfect after that tour at the laundry area.

Just look at how happy the whole team at Resort World Genting who brought us for the tour! Amazing people to work with :)

| Audio and Visual |

The last part of the tour was the Audio Visual System. Being part of the Audio Visual team when I was in high school definitely made me excited to see the systems they had at the exhibition halls. Totally loving their digitalized lighting system where they can adjust and mix the colors of the lights for different feel and ambiance.

That piece of stainless steel with the lion carving is quite expensive and customers who book the hall can actually custom make their logo or symbols or even wordings to be projected onto the large screen.

We were given a live demonstration of the whole audio visual system as well with the light manipulation and large sound bass. Adding lights and music definitely gives more oomph to an event or performance! The live demonstration made us very excited for Superstars of Magic 4 show which was coming up after our Behind-the-Scenes tour!

For those of you who are curious and want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at Resort World Genting, I would really recommend you check out this tour that they are offering. 

For more details on pricing of the tour and other agenda, log on to their website

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