Living in Jeli, there is not much entertainment which is so different from KL life. However, with the find of Cafe Maraschino, I now know where to have my tea break at a reasonable price just an hour drive away from campus.

Maraschino cafe is located at the heart of Rantau Panjang next to BSN. It sells a variety of cakes and pastries like macaroons! They also have a variety of western meals for those who wish to have their lunch or dinner. Finally after introducing this cafe to my friends without actually visiting it, I finally had the opportunity to visit this cafe. After church service on Friday, we went to the cafe for a chit-chat moment! Here are the pictures of the day :)

Hello Welcome!

Deco of the place
Cakes on display.
They rotate their selection of cakes everyday

Vienna Coffee
Yummy and the coffee is so fragrant :)

Rocky Road Cake (Nuts and Marshmellow)
Really worth the money. For all nuts lovers, this cake will take you straight up to heaven 

Macarons (Green Tea, Blackberry, Chocolate) RM 2/piece
Definitely recommend this. Love the blackberry flavour where I can taste the fruit purees in it 

Raspberry Mint

Red Velvet Cake
Moist and not too sweet. Pretty dense as well

Molten Lava Cake RM 10

Take 2: Molten Lava Cake

How can you not love this? Cut into the centre and hot chocolate lave just flows out! Super good and while it is a little sweet it is perfect with a cup of coffee and for all chocoholics out there

Pizza using Pastry Crust RM 15
The chef specially prepared this pizza since we asked for it. Worth every penny as the dough used is not ordinary dough but pastry dough where it is much buttery and flakey 

Affogato (expresso and ice cream)

Cappuccino with coffee art *meow*
Love the coffee art.. 

Fish Fillet (4****)
They use real fish meat instead of those commercial fish fillets we normally eat
Chicken Parmesan

Meet the lovely Hui Ting (course senior)



Stack-it! Look at the number of levels

There are several mini games that are provided at the cafe as well for you to spend time with your loved ones :) and while waiting for your food.

A great place to spend time with friends and family and it definitely deserves another visit :)