Penang Trip 2013

Big Bad Wolf Bookfair was in town.. technically at Penang. Since it's such a great opportunity to grab some books... what do we do? Have a one day trip to Penang! *wee*
We went to Penang in two cars and it took roughly 4 hours drive. Let me describe the trip with pictures! Since a picture speaks a thousand words :)

Big Bad Wolf Book Fair!

Next, we went around Penang looking for the wall arts :) Finally had the chance to see the art stuff at Penang :)
First all the metal art that was done by the government. So meaningful art that describes the location and also the history of Penang 

 The the famous wall arts. Didn't manage to see all of them as time was running short. But here are some of the well-known ones..

Reaching up

Girl and boy on bicycle

Old man

The Chew Jetty

The view of the sea~

The ferry

Meet the gang!
Group picture of Car 1 :)

And of course.. what is a Penang trip without food?? *yums*

Sweet potato desert with ginger 
Black glutinous rice desert. A different twist with longan and more of a savory desert than a sweet one

Oh Kio in Hokkien is a mixture of ice, honey, laici, jelly and lemon. A sweet and sour sensation to cool off a hot day
Laksa Penang

Oh jian

Asam Laksa

Char Kuey Teow

Si Gui Teng

Bubur Chacha (penang style)

Fried chicken skin, squid and lobak

Kangkung sotong


Fruit Rojak! The prawn paste used is really yummy