Trip to Yogjakarta, Indonesia

This previous semester break, I had the chance to visit Yogjakarta, Indonesia thanks to the Student Body UMK. It was a 4 days 3 nights trip all sponsored by the university not including food and souvenirs of course. Here are some pictures to fully describe the awesomeness of the trip. Enjoy :)

Introducing Amirul



Introducing Najeh and Irfan

Me, Qid, Syam

Nasi Lemak on-air

Welcome to Jogja

One of the main food that you must try when you come to Yogjakarta is Nasi Gudeq. If you don't try this you really cannot say that you have experienced Yogjakarta! This dish is a traditional dish served in Yogjakarta and is supremely delicious. 

Although this dish is an acquired taste I rather fancy it. Just a brief introduction to the dish: It is served with white rice where there are several side dishes which is the sweet jackfruit, tempeh and some herbal egg. This dish is infused with a lot of herbs and is really fragrant. Besides that an special side dish is the cooked cow skin. Yes you heard me right. That orange dish is cooked cow skin which has been cooked very tenderly. It has a similar texture to fish maw. You can also add on fried chicken and other side dishes to your meal but this portion is sufficient for me.

Nasi Gudeg is really an acquired taste
The main purpose of the trip was to visit Universitas Gadjah Mada where the university was huge and I love how they implemented so much greenery to the place. There was also a nice restaurant by the fish breeding pond where they serve rather tasty meals!

Universitas Gadjah Mada campus grounds

Snacks served during meetings

Agriculture Faculty
The Campus Cafe had small huts on stilts where we were able to dine and enjoy our meal. Each meal was served in a rattan plate with banana leaves which were eco-friendly as well.
Campus Cafe. Great atmosphers

Drinks from left Pink Guava Juice, Orange Juice, Avocado Juice

The Veterinary Faculty was amazing where they had their own farm and tons of animals. We had a great time at their farm where we were able to see dairy cows as well. 

Veterinary Faculty


Dairy cows

Meet Dona

At night we went to a small carnival in town where there were tons of beca and of course we tried riding them. It does not cost more than RM 5 per person so you should try it out.

Light decorated lights

On our last day, we had a feast at Restoran Numani where we had a great seafood lunch. The price here in Yogjakarta is really economical! We had a huge feast for just under RM10 per person!

Huge spread for just RM 10 per person

Super love this Deep Fried Garupa with sweet tomato sauce. It was so fresh and fried to perfection!

Their grilled fish was really very appetizing as well plus the fishes served were really fresh!

Next stop, Parangtritis Beach with black sand due to volcanic ash. It was scorching hot here at the beach but it was a great experience seeing black sand and and such a wide area where we could play around. 

Last day a trip up the volcano... at Gunung Merapi. This is still an active volcano and last erupted several years ago. We were able to ride a jeep up around the volcano and stop by at their museum where there were tons of artifacts that were destroyed during the last volcano eruption. Going in the jeep was a surreal experience and we had tons of memorable memories.

Jeep riding

Just look at that great view! And all that artifact they stored in the museum. 

Mini Museum 
This was the last time the volcano erupted in 2010.

Back to Malaysia

All together it was a terrific trip even though much money has been spent. Imagine paying in thousands! It was a great experience and really make me think of travelling around the world more. Next trip... Thailand to Prince Songkla University *cross fingers*