Exorbitant dinner

Went down to Tanah Merah to get some essential items for my trip to Yokjakarta, Indonesia tomorrow with rommie Sze Hui :) We then headed down to town centre for dinner and since the night market was not ready, we decided to have dinner at the food court opposite the street. This is the same food court that has the Burger Bakar.

We ate at the stall called CT Tomyam and seriously the guy that took our orders really know how to make business. Imagine us two girls going for dinner and asking him to recommend some dishes. There he goes recommending Siakap 3 Rasa, tomyam and so on. We ordered the fish thinking it would be for two person and he kept on asking us to add on other dishes. Some how, we fell for his promotion strategy and ended up ordering another tomyam dish, beef and vegetable...

Around 20 minutes later, here was what we got..

Surprised? Well we were! We could not imagine the portion of dishes that he served in front of us. And while eating we could not stop thinking of the bill!!

And matching our expectation, our dinner came up to RM47 for the two of us. Considering the size of the fish and the dishes I would say that it is quite worth it and the fish is rather fresh but.. try imaging two of us finishing the whole lot! After the meal, we could not help but have the need to walk around the night market not to add more food but to walk it off! All the time thinking how smart the uncle was in persuading us to order more and more food. He is either mad or a real good waiter!!

Anyway, from the night market we spotted a desert we have not tried before so my roommate bought a cup of it. It is called Baba Ice-cream and it has scoops of ice-cream though I'm not sure what flavour is it with other condiments like grass jelly, sweet corn, croutons, and etc. Here is how it looks like. A cup cost roughly RM 3

It is quite tasty :)

In conclusion, when going out for dinner, one should not get persuaded easily by smart money making waiters and also it is definitely better to go out in larger groups to prevent incidents like this from happening!

Well, going for my trip tomorrow so I won't be updating the blog until I get back. So till then..

Au Revoir~