Seniors Farewell

After four years of studying, my dear seniors are finally graduating. Knowing them for three years has made me grown so much. Not forgetting those who has left earlier like William and Cheryl. Really do miss their presence.

Here's a toast to them.

To Veronica,
Come to think of it, I've been in the same school with her since primary school but our paths never crossed. Always a year ahead of me, after primary school to secondary school and even to Form Six. Never did I thought that I would bump into her again at Kelantan, a state so far away from home. However, knowing that she was there kind of gave me a sense of assurance and home. During the first year we started knowing each other and at times reminiscing Assunta school days. Always jovial and fun to be with, she is someone that you can feel free to approach her if you have any problems. She always has a wise word to say. I've learnt a lot from her even if she does not realize it. She is confident, brave and has a rational thinking that makes me even more confident in uni. Not only that, her love for God is prominent and she always has her heart for God that helped me to grow even more. Will really miss her presence after she graduate and hope that we will be able to keep in touch always.

Next to Hui Ting,
My senior of the same course. I think I first added her in Facebook being so afraid to go to Kelantan. And after I reached there and we recognize each other we just clicked. Always giving me advice about my programmes and my subjects and most importantly my lecturers. Notes? Not to worry because I know I can go to her and ask her for help. She is sometimes quiet but you can see that she is very thoughtful and when you need help or opinion she is really the best person to go to. Her thinking is very matured and she always thinks for others. Like Veronica, I will really miss her being there. Wish her all the best in her future and have a great journey with her life partner

Not forgetting Cang Ling,
The guy I met during orientation week, guiding us lost juniors to church and arranging transport to church every week. Any doubts or questions about God? He's the man to look for. Always speaks his mind although at times insensitively, but we just humor him because we know what he says is from his heart and with concern for all. Although blunt at times, he is a really caring guy with great knowledge in his mind. One can see how much God is guiding him in his life. Hope he can find his life partner soon and have a great life ahead

Lastly Colin,
He is like a big teddy bear that really grows onto you. Sometimes, you just don't get what he says but if you listen properly, the stuff he says are really useful. Helpful always and I know I can count on him if I need it. Skeptical at times but sometimes he is really just amusing. I wish him all the best in his life journey and Colin! Do take care of your diet and lifestyle! Stay healthy and strong!

To commemorate their graduation, we can a small farewell lunch with them. Here are some pictures to remember that day.

Cheese Macaroni

Black pepper chicken chop rice

Veronica and Kelsey

Seafood Spaghetti

Chicken Burger

Group picture

Chicken Salad

Chocolate Cake

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