Kuching Holiday Day 2

Continuing on to my next holiday post still at Kuching :)

For the second day we went on a little exploring trip that literally made our feet sore and tired. We walked and walked the whole day and by the time we reached our hotel we were super exhausted. I think we finished walking and touring all the museums at the town center and also knew our way around quite well. We had dinner at the famous TopSpot Seafood Food Court which was reasonably priced and tasty as well. We also went on a taxi river cruise ride which is RM 20 per person and the boat takes you up the river. You can opt to take the last boat so that you can catch the sunset. However if you are staying at the Tune Hotel please remember to check if there are any promotions for guest. Because... we opt to take the taxi ride as we the original River Cruise was a little too heavy on our budget, RM 60 per person but you get to sit on a mini cruise ship with on board entertainment and refreshment. We totally missed the promotion and totally *face palm* ourselves! If we had known about the promotion we could have rode on the cruise for just an additional RM10!! Anyways there is always a silver lining as we managed to secure ourselves a chartered van to take us sight-seeing the next day. So here are some photos of Day 2 :)

This huge tree is a cotton tree which is super big and has huge thorns! 

Photograph time outside the state museum

Group picture taken using the self-timer of my camera. 

Here are some tips on how to take a group picture when on holiday.
1. Either get someone to help you snap a picture
2. If no one is available, here are some steps

  • Get out your camera and get a good location for photo taking
  • Ask your group of friends to pose for the photo
  • Position your camera at a spot that can shoot a great picture
  • Set your timer
  • If your timer only has a short start up time... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE to get into the frame!! I had loads of running while taking group picture
I would advise to invest in a tripod or something so that you won't have problems setting up your camera but you can also depend on tables, benches, ledge available. 

Totally love the seashell motive wall

Remember Free Willy? This is the skeleton model of the killer whale Orca!

This is the original River Cruise which unfortunately we did not manage to ride

While this is the river taxi which we took. Not too bad :)

This is the palace that James Brooke once lived

Brooke Dockyard where ships once came to be fixed

Here are some people practicing for the Sarawak Regatta

Look at the beautiful sunset which can only be seen from the Waterfront

Group picture taken by the boatman

Look at the unique motive lights

The famous cat statue at night

TopSpot Foodcourt popular for seafood

This is no ordinary coconut. This coconut has a pandan fragrant in it. The taste is seriously sweet and fragrant. RM4 per coconut


Butter prawns. The taste is different than those in the Peninsular. There is some coconut shreds in it

This is Miding, a fern that can be found at Sarawak and it is very tasty

Tomyum soup with loads of coconut milk

Total damage of RM 56