Crzy Puff & Thyme Out @ SS15

It's been a crazy week of free food all week long the past week during my internship. From Monday to Friday we've been served with free food because of events :)

There was an exhibition for Bumiputera entrepreneurs at MATRADE the past week and one stall I would like to highlight would be MSM company. Try and guess what MSM means!

I had the laugh of the day when one of the partners introduced the company. MSM actually stands for "Makan Sampai Mampus"! Not that they want you to die after eating their food but that it means their food is literally to die for :)

MSM is ragtag, homegrown team of Chefs who are hungry for global gastronomic domination. They have three food outlets under this company which is CrzyPuff, Thyme Out and FitFood. The team behind this company are...

Ezwan Aimann Abdullah Faiz, 30; Muhammad Azim Abdul Rahman, 27; and Mohamed Najee Ramli, 24
Credits: The Star Online
CrzyPuff serves their speciality puff which is 7 inches long and filled with extraordinary fillings! The booth that they set up during the exhibition was really young and attracted many patrons.
Cute and creative booth at exhibition

Their selection

They have 8 different flavour combinations for their puffs which includes Loco Lamb, Brit Bonkers, Wacky Yankee, Wild Popeye, Cukoo-Dang, Gila Classic, Mad Monkey and iPuff. Was interested to try their Wild Popeye which was a combination of spinach and cheese but the colleague was not into veggies so we chose the Brit Bonkers which was Shepard's Pie, a combination of mashed potatoes, minced meat and some veggies. Their Mad Monkey sounds delicious as well and they recommend the Loco Lamb as well.

The puffs were selling at RM 15 at the exhibition and I'm not sure whether they are selling at the same price at their online outlet. But since we had food coupons from the exhibitions we combined our coupons to try out their food!

Look at their 7 inches long puffs! Definitely to share unless you're a big eater :)

7 inch puffs
We asked the guy to cut our puff into three to share and believe me that one portion is sufficient ;)
The filling was really fragrant and because they baked the puff and not fry it, the puff was not oily and greasy so *thumbs up* for that.

Brit Bonkers (Shepard's Pie)

Follow them and make your order at
Another food outlet under the MSM company is Thyme Out! Love the incorporation of the spice 'thyme' into their brand name. Some of you may already know Thyme Out as they have their stall at SS15, Subang Jaya. They transformed the normal ordinary stall into a Mexican Food Hybrid Warong!

Credits: The Star Online

Brother of the same family Thyme Out

They serve simple Mexican food like tortilla wraps and nachos. We using our combined coupons ordered the Lamb Tortilla Wrap and the Special Nachos with add on of beef :)

Their menu

Thyme Out

Don't our order of nachos entice you? Believe me the sauces were great and yummy-licious. The only downside was that the nachos were not crispy maybe due to leaving it out in the open. But when you pair it with the add on beef, it was amazing :)

Nachos with add on beef

The Lamb Tortilla Wrap that we tried was really nice too. The lamb was well seasoned and cooked to perfection. But I would suggest to them to remove the fatty parts of the lamb :(

Lamb Tortilla Wrap

Overall I would think that the food produced by these creative entrepreneurs receives a thumbs up for their creativity and good food :) Visit them and try out their food!

Thyme Out KL

Love, Miriam