Value Meal @ PizzaHut

Pizza Hut came out with their 50% promotion once again and this time I manage to try out one of their meals on Sunday! Firstly what is Pia Hut 50% Wow Savers Meals?

As you can see, the 50% Wow Savers meal is available every day from Monday to Sunday at any time of their opening hours! And the deals are quite tempting. I wanted to try out all their meals but haven't been able to find the time. Anyway, today's review is on the meal I had on Sunday.

The boyfie and I went to the nearest Pizza Hut branch at my area and since it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner we had Lunch/Dinner.

We ordered the Chicken Caeser Salad and also the Chicken Sausage with Cheese Dip which was RM 4.25 and RM 6.95 respectively. Wanted to try their apple crumble but since we were heading to A&W for their waffle we decided to forgo the dessert.

Service was prompt and efficient and our orders were taken very quickly and after ten minutes wait, we were served with our orders! Firstly we had the Chicken Sausage with Cheesy Dip..

Well, I would think the portion was ok for a snack but pretty salty if just eaten alone. However, the texture was really great as I like a little bite in my sausages. But I would suggest to forego the cheesy dip as it tasted really weird and was so watery. *thumbs down*

Chicken Sausage with Cheesy Dip

Cheesy Dip
We also tried the Caeser Salad which was supposed to be the Chef speciality. They gave quite a large portion of salad and their croutons were really flavourful. However, I really needed to look quite hard for the chicken slices which were like hard, dried and so tiny. I even added my sausages and ate with the salad. >.<

Overall, I think for the price after 50% discount it was still acceptable but if it was full priced, then I think I would not actually order these dishes. Anyway, the personal pan pizza and the Tuesday selection seem really appetizing so head on to your nearest Pizza Hut branch for a quick and affordable lunch or dinner :)

Love, Miriam