MOVIE: The Other Women

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thanks to Nuffnang, TGV Cinemas, Churp Churp and 20th Century Fox, I had the best Monday night to fight off the Monday blues! Won two invites to the premiere screening of The Other Woman at TGV Cinemas, One Utama! Brought along dearest Wei Wei to have a nice movie date :) First time going for a movie premiere and it was the BOMB! Although we got seats quite near to the screen but it was still manageable and we had the laugh of our life.

The Other Woman stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton in a romantic-comedy movie about three ladies becoming the best friends in the oddest situation! Let me give you a short summary about the movie without spoiling the fun for all of you :)

The Other Woman


BEAUTY: Bag of Love March-April Edition

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bad news for this week: Down with the case of MEASLES! IKR.. already 24 and getting measles at this age is so annoying! Can't go to work means no allowances and also I hope I will be well by this weekend to attend the Malaya Optical Mini Tea Party!

Good news is.. I've received my March-April Bag of Love! Woohoo!! First time subscribing to the Bag Of Love and am super happy to receive it!

Good delivery service

Love the Bag of Love March-April Edition bag! So suitable to be used especially when travelling. You can fit your beauty essentials and even a book during travelling. For the ladies, you can also use it to pack your undergarments snugly into your luggage :) The March-April edition also promotes reading which I think most people nowadays are not fond of doing! So people, Stay Beautiful and Read On!!

Uh-huh.. Stay BEAUTIFUL and read on!

For this bi-month BOL, there are three full-sized items and five sample sized items. BOL was also very generous in giving Fashion Culture Box discount vouchers and also for a free makeover from Covo!

8 items including a makeover voucher for this bi-month edition!

Let's see what do we have in the BOL March-April:


Namoo On The Park @ Publika

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

After so many times of not being able to try out Namoo @ Publika, I finally had the chance to have a nice Korean lunch last Friday with the colleagues! The cute mascot of Namoo welcomed us at the entrance of the cafe bistro and we can't wait to try out their dishes!

Firstly, some background on Namoo :) Namoo which means 'tree' in Korean was founded on a deep-rooted belief that good food should be fresh, natural and timeless. And for that reason Namoo have gone to great lengths to ensure that everything in the menu is authentically korean, but fused with a modern twist!

Enough talking! Let's get on to the review on the interior and the food! The interior of the cafe follows their name which is using earthly colours and materials. It has a very comfy ambiance where you can choose to sit at the high table, the dining area or even the sofa area. You can even choose to dine al-fresco where they have an outdoor dining area next to the playground. This is very convenient especially for parents who want to bring their children where you can monitor them at the playground/park :)

Cute mascot and welcoming entrance

Love this saying! Totally agree!

Assortment of desserts


My Burger Lab @ OUG

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So, finally I had the chance to try out myBurgerLab @ OUG! I know super outdated right! *hides face*
Anyway, heard of the super mega long queue at the SS2 branch and wasn't really in the patient mood to go line up. So, to treat the boyfie for picking me up after work and going through massive jam we stopped by to try out their burger on the way home :)

The branch in OUG is directly opposite Parkson OUG and you can see its blazing neon sign from a far! Best thing is... there was no queue since it was quite late and it was a weekday! *Yippee*

Unfortunately, there it was a water rationing period so no bottomless drinks. The set came with a bottle of mineral water and fries instead of their bottomless drinks but at a lower add-on price of RM5.

myBurgerLab @ OUG
The interior of the OUG branch is quite similar to the one in SS2 but only one floor while I heard that the brnach in SS2 has expanded to the second floor. They still have their signature 'Drop-me-a-note' pillar and the polaroid wall of burger-eating-monsters. The OUG branch also used a blackboard for their menu but customized it to look like a periodic table! Cool yo~


REVIEW: Sunway Putra Hotel

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As mentioned in my earlier post about the World Halal Week, I had the opportunity to stay at Sunway Putra Hotel while being on duty at the Malaysian International Halal Showcase, KLCC Convention Centre. MIHAS So, here is a review of the hotel for those who are thinking of coming down to KL for a vacation.

Firstly, the location of the hotel is super convenient. It is located just opposite the Putra Bus Station and next to the Star LRT line so you can practically get anywhere in KL. I'm not sure about the room rates so if you guys are interested you can go to their website at Sunway Putra Hotel. The hotel is rated as a 5 star hotel and I will leave it up to you all to decide how many starts you would give :)

Once you enter the room, you get a spacious room equipped with everything you would need. There is a huge wardrobe for you to hang your clothes and it was definitely sufficient for me and my roommate to hang our formal outfits for the one week. They also provide you a iron and ironing board. 

Once you enter the room

The wardrobe with ironing board and iron

The bar top is also prepared with complimentary coffee and tea as well as mineral water. There is also a mini bar for your convenience. Everything is replenished daily.

Mini bar, complimentary mineral water, tea and coffee

The twin beds provided are quite huge and comfortable. Especially after a whole day of standing and running from one hall to another, I don't feel like leaving it every morning. Room service is efficient and prompt every day and they are ever ready to answer your calls if you need. For example, my roommate's bedroom slippers were damaged and although it was already 11 pm at night, they brought not only a new pair for her but also for me.

Twin beds

The TV provided has our local stations as well as movie channels. Since we were staying on the 20th floow, the view was really nice and we  could enjoy KL city night view.

The view from the 20th floor

The prices in the menu are of course very expensive but well, it is a five star hotel. The in-room dining menu is the same as the one in the hotel cafe.

Snack menu

In-room dining menu

Love the mirror right before you leave the room 


MIHAS 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The past week has been pretty hectic and I had a week of hotel stay at Sunway Putra Hotel *will review it soon* because of the Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2014! Have you all heard about MIHAS? Previously before my internship, I did not really take notice of this event but in actual fact this is the 12th time for MIHAS. MIHAS is the global halal market place for halal sellers and buyers worldwide. This is the place where all halal services and products are displayed. MIHAS is more of a trade fair but for those who are interested you can join the Halal Exhibition which will be held at Mines Convention Centre soon :) 

Fellow colleagues


EVENT: Matis Product Launch @ Secret Garden, KL

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thanks again to the Butterfly Project and Tammy for inviting me to the launch of Matis products at Secret Garden, KL.

This is the first time going for a product launch and having to write up a blog post about it. Firstly, if you all are confused about the sign below, don't worry. Passion Road and Secret Garden are under the same company and I initially thought it was at Passion Road so...*face palm*

Before going to the location of the launch, I actually Googled the place and found out that it was also rented out for private occasions :) Love the green lush trees welcoming me into the restaurant. So cooling and breezy feeling. There have been several reviews on this place for wedding reception, parties and so on. I feel that it is really suitable for a cozy event.

Lush green scenery greeting you

Passion Road, An Exterior Venue for Private Events

Decor on the trees

However, the main event is the mATIS launch! Was ushered into the launch area and given a goody bag with travel set Matis product :) *Hopefully I will remember to review it later*


Fat Boy's The Burger Bar

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There are so many burger joints that have been mushrooming all around town and names like Burger Lab, Junkyard Burger and others are not foreign to food lovers. Fat Boy's The Burger Bar is also not foreign to those who have been chasing burger joints.

I had the chance to try out Fat Boy's at Avenue K when I was at KLCC to check out PICOM Fair 2014. Have not had the chance to check out Avenue K and was surprised to see another shopping place next to the Putra LRT Line. *Sorry noob since just came back from Kelantan*

Saw the sign board for Fat Boy's next to the exit of the Putra Line and since the boyfie is a huge fan of anything sandwhiched between two buns, we decided to go and have a try after having a nice exercise going through the PICOM fair.

This Fat Boy's outlet is located at the 3rd Floor of Avenue K and you won't have any trouble looking for it as the signs at Avenue K were very helpful. Since it was pretty late at that time *roughly 10 pm* there weren't much people at Avenue K.


Before you enter

You can build your own burger as well :)

We went straight up to Fat Boy's and browsed through their menu before deciding to have their Wimpy Burger. Too bad they were out of beef patties so we went for their lamb. We had quite a hard time choosing which burger we want to try out so the waiter recommended either the Fat Basterd (Double Patties) or the Wimpy. Since it was quite late, we just went for the Wimpy.


Review: Modbox

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just realised that this review on Modbox has been in my draft folder for quite some time! So sorry peeps! So far these products are still available for April ModBox so just head on to Modbox to subscribe to your own beauty box. Modbox is well known as the cheapest beauty box in town and if you are just starting to subscribe to beauty boxes you can try out Modbox at just RM9 per box excluding delivery charges! In each Modbox you can select which samples you want to try and choose up to 3 samples with add-ons at different charges!

For this month, these are the selections available:

So after just 3 days of waiting for my Modbox, it arrived very 'Urgently'! Happy with the delivery of my Modbox and can't wait to open it!

Guess what?

Ta-da! Modbox for the month!

April Modbox



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The past week has been pretty hectic with the Malaysian International Halal Showcase at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Sorry for the lack of post for the past week but this week, I will try to catch up with all my back-logged posts! Sneak preview for this week's posts are:

1. Fat Boys The Burger Bar @ Avenue K

2. Sunway Putra Hotel Review

3. Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2014 @ KLCC Convention Centre

4. Matis Malaysia Product Launch @ Secret Garden, Kuala Lumpur

Love, Miriam


The Great Guardian Makeover - A Date With Beauty @ One Utama

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Entrance to The Great Guardian Sale 

As I mentioned in my previous post thanks to Guardian Malaysia and the Butterfly Project I was given the chance to join the Great Guardian Makeover at One Utama. 

There were many others who were there after purchasing the makeover ticket for RM 10 after that purchasing participating brand for more than RM 20 at guardian outlets.

For the makeover we were given two different makeup styles and three different hairstyles for both short and long hair.

Two different makeup makeover 

Three different hairstyles for short and long hair 

Layout of the event 

Makeover booths 

Emcees for the event: 

The emcees for the event was really fun and engaged with the crowd well. They hosted the event well and got us all mingling around.

There were many brands participating in the event and they have so many great deals.

Nivea booth 

There were dancers who started the event by dancing to the happy song. The rest of makeover team also went on the stage to officiate the event.

Dancers dancing to Happy Song 

Makeover team from A Cut Above 

Customers can get a free limited edition guardian jute tote bag when they purchase above RM 200 in a single receipt.

Limited edition jute tote bag for purchases above RM 200

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