Review: Modbox

Just realised that this review on Modbox has been in my draft folder for quite some time! So sorry peeps! So far these products are still available for April ModBox so just head on to Modbox to subscribe to your own beauty box. Modbox is well known as the cheapest beauty box in town and if you are just starting to subscribe to beauty boxes you can try out Modbox at just RM9 per box excluding delivery charges! In each Modbox you can select which samples you want to try and choose up to 3 samples with add-ons at different charges!

For this month, these are the selections available:

So after just 3 days of waiting for my Modbox, it arrived very 'Urgently'! Happy with the delivery of my Modbox and can't wait to open it!

Guess what?

Ta-da! Modbox for the month!

April Modbox

Every Modbox comes with a personalized note welcoming you to Modbox. Love the effort they take to please their customers :)

Personalize welcome card

So wanna know what did I choose in this month's Modbox? Firstly, I chose the Shaire Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo which comes in full size. The dry shampoo is very useful especially if you are too busy to wash your hair and have an important appointment! You just have to spray it evenly on your hair and scalps! You will have non-greasy and fabulous hair after using it!
Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo

The next item is also very useful which is miacare Acne Patch for Day! Girls out there can say goodbye to red acne which spoils your day! Just have to stick the acne patch onto your acne where the patch will help heal your acne and also conceal it so that you can wear it under your makeup and look oh-so-fabulous!
Acne Patch
Lastly, Dentiste Oral Rinse which is very useful to prevent bad breath! Unfortunately, this item is already sold out on the Modbox website but you all can still try out their toothpaste! The oral rinse is minty and give you long-lasting, fresh breath all day!
Oral Rinse

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this month's Modbox and can't wait for the next month's selection! So if you all out there are interested to start having your own beauty box at a super low price, head on to Modbox and subscribe to your own beautybox with no commitment, bite-sized and you can choose your own samples!

Love, Miriam


  1. hey! was planning to visit your blog the day we met on the matis launch but so busy! so hi there ;D anyway, never tried modbox before, i've registered on their website but never made an order . i stopped subscribing on beauty box lately cause they were being quite a let down. except for the lilac box and bag of love i think. maybe i should try again. ;D

    1. Hey thanks for visiting! First time trying modbox but quite satisfied! I've yet to receive my bag of love for this month. If you like the month selection for modbox you should subscribe! :) great to meet you that day at the launch too

  2. this seem like a good box to try...but i prefer more cosmetic hehe!!

    1. Sometimes they have cosmetic. Depends on the month selection :)

  3. dry shampoo?something new for me, and make me wanna try it...should get one for myself i think...hehe :)

    Alyza Fisol

    1. Yeah. But very useful when you don't have time to wash your hair :)