This month, the Butterfly Project is collaborating with Shizens to spread the word about their #standfirmstayfirm photography contest which empowers women through photographs. This is for an awesome cause and the Butterfly Project have joined hands in creating a big roar in Malaysia via the support and love of fellow butterflies!

This photography contest is open to all butterflies to join as well be it via photo submission or instagram. To know more about this contest visit Stand Firm Stay Firm to find out more.
In addition to helping Shizens ra-ra about #standfirmstayfirm. Shizens has generously sponsor 50 shopping cash vouchers worth RM200 each to give out to lucky butterflies who participate! 
You don't need a DSLR or any fancy gadgets to enter this contest! They have two categories which is Photography Enthusiast and Mobile Photography. So just get out your smartphones and start snapping away! Requirements for the first category is high resolution of min 5MB while for the Mobile Photography, you'll need to enter using mobile device and via Instagram! And of course don't forget to hashtag #standfirmstayfirm

Look at all the great prices that can be won from this competition :) Even if you don't win, this contest is for a great cause as a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of women worldwide. You don't have to look far. Think of your mum, your grandmother or any women in your life that have worked and strive to make life better, not only for you but for the community. 

Examples of great photos that fit the theme of the contest which is Strong Emotions, Human and Feminity!

You can submit your photos at Submit Photos! So wait no more and start submitting your entries now!

Love, Miriam