EVENT: The Butterfly Project Lasertag Challenge (1st Anniversary)

On the 10th of May, Butterfly Project celebrated their 1st Anniversary with all butterflies by playing Laser Tag at Laser Warsone e@Curve! I've heard of Lazer Tag for quite some time but never had the chance of experiencing the fun! So it was great to have the chance to zap fellow butterflies in this fun game of tag ^__^

Lazer Warzone

Butterfly Project Laser Tag Challenge

Seriously the price to play laser tag isn't really that expensive! They have packages for those interested to host their own parties and also student rates. You can check out their rates on their facebook page.

Some other info :
- Minimum 4 person for a game
- Maximum 25 persons in a game
- Minimum age : 5 years old

- Maximum 2 teams in 1 game

Price per game

If you are having a party, they will also provide food for your guests! Minimum of 15 people are needed for the party package and the private room is yours to use for 2 hours :)

Lounge for some refreshment and briefing

Entrance to the warzone

To play laser tag, you will be required to wear a vest that has tags on the arm, chest and back where your opponents will need to shoot at these tags to gain points! The vests have light pads on them indicating your team. There is team green and team blue. Shooting at different parts of the body have different points.

Here's how it works :
Chest - 50 points
Back - 100 points

Once you get shot, you will be 'dead' for 5 seconds which means that you can't shoot anyone for 5 seconds. Don't worry, once you are dead even if you are shot by others in that 5 seconds, they won't get any points as well. Getting shot also won't deduct your points :)

Vest with tags

Laser guns! Credits: Sandra

There are several rules you need to follow to ensure your safety while playing. Please remember these rules so that you won't get injured.

Rules to follow

The interior of the warzone is seriously dark and only illuminated with glowing motifs on the barriers and walls. One tip to win the game, make sure you enter first and get the best hiding spot to shoot!

Inside the warzone

One more tip: Please don't wear bright coloured clothings or you will become like me... a headless person! Haha. My white Butterfly Project t-shirt was glowing the whole time I was playing. Speak about an easy target!

Glow-in-the-dark me

Before we started the game, we enjoyed the refreshments provided which is some breakfast! The food was quite tasty or maybe because I was hungry that morning.


We also got some briefing on how to hold our guns, how does the point system work and others. You have to hold your gun with two hands to activate the heat sensors or else you won't be able to shoot and gain points.

Butterflies busy taking photos

Briefing time

We were then divided into four groups and our group was called Team Mulan!! Here are the pretty butterflies in my team. We went in first with a solo game against each other just to get the feel of the warzone :)

Go Team Mulan! Credits: Sandra

After the game which lasts 10 minutes, you will be able to see your score with your name according to the gun you are using. I thought I did quite well as Viper! Next we went head to head with the next team and we won the first game! Woohoo.. I was the second best shooter for that game :P

Scoreboard and name on gun Credits: Sandra

From the lounge you are able to watch the other teams play through the CCTV cameras and see how they are doing. It was really nerve wrecking seeing Team Athena and Team Lazerfly! They were vicious!

CCTV to watch the others play

Overall we played 4 games (One solo and three teams) and the marks were tallied to see which team gained the highest points! Winners from 1st to 3rd place got medals!


Grand trophy

Unfortunately, our team got first from behind. There are no losers ok~ But still we got voucher to play again the next time! And it was fun hanging out with the pretty butterflies :)

Team Mulan! First... from behind XD

Now the real occasion is to celebrate the first anniversary of the Butterfly Project Malaysia! The pretty cake was sponsored by Joey and the team was laser tag. Can you see the lasers shooting from the cake. Pretty no? The cake was a red velvet cake covered with fondant.

1st Anniversary cake sponsored by Ask Joey

Let me finish this post with some photos from that memorable day! Obviously some solo shots with the equipments ^___^

And then the new friends met... Great knowing Sandra and you can check out her post on this event here. This gal is CRAZY fun! We were in the same team and we watched each others back :) Teamwork yo!~

And of course great to meet Melody again. She was from team Lazerfly who won Champion of the day. Sweet on the outside vicious on the inside. *joking joking*

Fellow butterflies: Sandra and Melody

If you are interested to play laser tag, check out their outlet at IOI Mall and e@Curve now! Great place for friends and family to hang out and have a great exercise too :)

Love, Miriam