EVENT: Butterfly Walk @ TTDI Park

Yoo hoo~ I'm sure most of you have noticed me tagging the Butterfly Project Malaysia in my recent post! Let me introduce them to you all! The Butterfly Project Malaysia is a blogger community which is founded by lovely bloggers who wants to gather new bloggers and old bloggers together to create a blogging community. 

Last Sunday, they held a Fund-raising Walkaton to raise fund for the community. 

I just recently joined the community and have been a part of them for the past 3 months! I am really grateful to The Butterfly Project and the team for all they have done for me. Starting a blog is not something easy especially if you want to get to know more people. Having them start this community made it so much easier for new bloggers to join events and meet more people! I've been invited to events and also meeting fellow bloggers after joining this community. Totally love these butterflies. They are so kind and friendly. To show my support, I joined the walkaton and brought along the boyfie, sister and a friend from university. 

Butterfly Project Malaysia Fund Raiser Walkaton

The Butterfly project was also able to get sponsors from
  • Overnight Elixir from Human Nature
  • Kiehl's Products
  • Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask from TTMask
  • My Dove Body Wash
  • Yoogood Cereal Bars
  • Posh Nail Saloon Voucher
  • Bandana from WD Unique!
We also got free Gong Cha after the walk! :)

Goodie Bags!

Selfies before starting the walk!! All pumped up! :)

From left: Mei Mei, Chloe, Me, David

Me and the sister

Let's start walking!! 

I really feel that TTDI Park is a great park to get your morning exercise. The area is so green and so cooling. Downside: Monkeys running around and MOSQUITOES! I got bitten like all over my legs and hands because I was wearing shorts. LOLS!

Meet Mr Monkey all around the place

TTDI Park recently renovated their area and build this metal hanging bridge which we hurried across. Not because it was unsafe but because of the monkeys playing in the trees above your heads! Don't want to get attacked by monkeys do you? Hehe

Hanging Bridge

The boyfie and the rest was enjoying their walk while I kinda jogged ahead of them to get my exercise. It has been too long cooped up in the office like a chicken not getting fresh air and exercise. Good thing about the park is that they have various trails. Up the hill, around the lake and also trails for bicycles!

Green scenery

They also had large areas for badminton, qi gong, aerobics and others! There were tons of people at the park that morning! Guess TTDI folks are really healthy!! XD

Courtyard for activities

Beautiful TTDI Park

The huge lake had huge tortoise and fishes swimming in them! Seriously they were huge. Most probably thanks to all the park goers for feeding them. The water wasn't that clear but you could still see so many of them swimming around!

Lake full of tortoise

Group aerobics/zumba!

Free Gong Cha!

Meet Mamasan Tammy!

The minds behind the community! Arigatou gozaimasu!

All together it was a great event! Healthy and engaging with friends and Mother Nature! Thanks a lot to the Butterfly Project for hosting a great walkaton! I'll be updating on another event which is the 1st Anniversary of the Butterfly Project Malaysia soon! :)

Love, Miriam