RECIPE: Sunny Mango Popsicles

Happy weekends people! Been having a very busy week so have not been updating my blog. However, I've got a special treat for everyone. Going to start a recipe section for my blog and I'll start of with a Sunny Mango Popsicle recipe! This recipe is super easy to make and also very healthy. For mothers out there, you can make this very easily for your children or even for those out there who are dieting but crave for some yummy cool dessert without the calories, you can try out these Mango Popsicle! 

All you need for this recipe is:
  1. Ripe mangoes (cubed)
  2. Milk of your choice 
  3. Honey

Ingredients needed: Mango, Low fat milk and honey

I actually had a batch of super ripe mangoes at home and I don't really like eating overly ripe mangoes. So I decided to turn it into something yummy that the family will love! First, you cut your mangoes and de-seed it. Just place your mangoes in your blender or food processor and add some milk. You can choose to add cream instead of milk but since we're making a healthy sweet treat, I chose to use low fat milk. I added roughly 50 ml of milk but this recipe really depends on how creamy you want your popsicle to be.

If your mangoes are not sweet enough, you can choose to add some honey to your preference :) As mine was already very sweet, I did not really add much. Remember, honey is a very good antioxidant ingredient and can help prevent cancer.

Add all your ingredients in your blender

Add all your ingredients into your blender and start blending away until it achieves a smooth and creamy texture! You can actually drink the blended mango mixture as a mango smoothie or pour it into your moulds to make your popsicles.

Start blending until creamy and smooth

Really had to control my urge of drinking up the yummy sweet mango smoothie but hold your horses people! Pour it into your popsicle moulds and pop them into the freezer for at least 3 hours to set! I bought my popsicle mould at Daiso for just RM 5! *grins*

If you don't have a popsicle mould, don't worry. You can pour your mixture into an ice-cream machine if you have one and turn it into a tub of yummy goodness!

For those who don't have an ice-cream machine, don't fret! Here is how I made my mango ice-cream! For me, I poured my extra remaining mango mixture into a yogurt tub and placed it into the freezer to set slightly. This will take roughly one hour. After one hour, take the tub out and pour it back into your blended to blend. Then place back the mixture into the freezer to set :) Repeat this process for 3 to 4 times to get your creamy mango ice-cream!

The reason why we need to keep on taking it out of the freezer to smash it up is to break up all the ice crystals formed and to give you a smoother ice-cream texture.

Pour into your popsicle molds

And then enjoy!

You can change the recipe however you like it. Try it with yogurt, other fruits like strawberries, bananas or any fruit you want! No more feeling guilty after snacking down this yummy dessert! Low fat, low sugar and low calories! 

Make your own yummy dessert anytime you want especially on a hot summer day!

Love, Miriam 


  1. Those look delicious, and I love your tip about taking it out and re-blending to prevent ice crystal build up (i always have that problem). I can't wait to try these when I get back home and have an actual freezer, unlike I have cooped up in my dorm room. I'm also really jealous of your popsicle molds. Those handles are awesome. I love how they have a straw!

  2. Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Another tip is to take a plastic sheet or cling form and place it on the surface of the Ice cream. You can prevent Ice crystals from forming on the surface too 😊 Yeah love my popsicle holders too. I've got some great recipes suitable for those living in a dorm as well. Follow me to get those recipes. Will post them soon