MOVIE: The Other Women

Thanks to Nuffnang, TGV Cinemas, Churp Churp and 20th Century Fox, I had the best Monday night to fight off the Monday blues! Won two invites to the premiere screening of The Other Woman at TGV Cinemas, One Utama! Brought along dearest Wei Wei to have a nice movie date :) First time going for a movie premiere and it was the BOMB! Although we got seats quite near to the screen but it was still manageable and we had the laugh of our life.

The Other Woman stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton in a romantic-comedy movie about three ladies becoming the best friends in the oddest situation! Let me give you a short summary about the movie without spoiling the fun for all of you :)

The Other Woman

Firstly meet Kate King (played by Leslie Mann), the wife of Mark King who is a successful man starting new businesses. Kate is a doting wife who gave up everything to help her husband succeed. She thinks she has the perfect life, the perfect husband and the perfect marriage.

The Wife: Kate played by Leslie Mann

Then meet Carly, played by Cameron Diaz a successful lawyer who has not been in a serious relationship in a long time until she met Mark, whom she hooked up with eight years prior. She thought she had found the perfect man to start a serious relationship. That was until she showed up at Mark's house wearing a sexy plumber outfit only to meet Kate at the front door.

The 'Mistress': Carly, played by Cameron Diaz

Before you know it, both Kate and Carly became good friends where Carly helped Kate try to restart her life. However, they never expected to find out that Mark had been cheating with both of them with a third person who is Amber, played by Kate Upton. This was the last straw and before you know it, all three ladies teamed up to plot their revenge on their cheating, lying, three timing jerk.

The Bomb: Amber, played by Kate Upton

The Other Woman is really a good movie to watch if you are interested in romantic-comedy movies! Leslie Mann really played the wife role well and was super hilarious! She really shined in this movie acting like a sad, sappy wife and then turning the tables on her cheating husband and getting even! Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz was of course still super hot and played her character well as the master mind behind the revenge and staying firm about getting even with Mark. She also helped keep the three ladies together and staying focus especially about not letting Kate getting cheated back into Mark's arms.

All the pranks that they played were super hilarious and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau played the lying cheater well too. And of course we can't forget Nicki Minaj who played Carly's bimbo secretary! She was really cool and spunky!

Cheaters out there! Watch out!

This movie is not only about getting revenge on your cheating partners but also on finding good friends in the oddest situation! Catch The Other Woman at your nearest cinemas now!

Love, Miriam