EVENT: 10th Anniversary Sonny Angel

Konichiwa minasan~ Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts the last week. Today I will be introducing you all to Sonny Angel!

Meet Sonny Angel - A boyfriend who will make you smile and feel at peace! Sonny Angel is a cute and angelic little boy who wears all sorts of headgears. Although he cannot talk, he will always be looking out for you and soothing you with his ready smile. Sonny Angel was  created with the intention of being a companion to the Office Ladies in Japan. Originally standing at 8", the figurine was meant to be placed at home to accompany OLs upon their return from work. However, gradually it evolved to the current popular 2" figurine that can be carried anywhere and become an irreplaceable part of your everyday life. You can keep him in the entrance hall, near your bed or even on your desk at work! 

I was invited to attend the Sonny Angel 10th Anniversary Birthday Party at Absolute Thai, 1 Utama where the theme was Red and White! There I met so many Sonny Angels with adorable head gears! Check them out :)

Born on 15th May 2004, Sonny Angel turned 10 years old in 2014. Spectacular Limited Edition Sonny Angels are created to commemorate the decade milestone, including a long-awaited Sonny Angel 10th Anniversary Complete Guide Book, which list details of releases of all 21 series (304 designs) so far.

Sonny Angels have many series which include :

Standard Series (96 designs):
  1. Animal Series 1 - 4 
  2. Fruit Series
  3. Vegetable Series
  4. Marine Series
  5. Flower Series

Animal Series

Animal Series

Animal Series

Animal Series

Special Series (Limited Edition):
  • Valentine's Day Series
  • Bobbing Head (93mm)
  • Big Butterfly Series (195mm)
  • Halloween Series
  • Christmas Set (Set of 4)
  • Artist Collection Kissmark Leopard Collection
  • Artist Collection Valentine's Heart Chocolate
  • Easter Series Limited Edition
  • Special Colour Series 2 Limited Edition

Special Series (Kissmark)

8" figurine

Royal Sonny Angel

Flower Series

We were served with really yummy Thai cuisine on that day and I chose the Tomyum. Trust me when I say that the portion is huge and they were really generous. I know my Thai food since I've been staying near the Thai border for the past three years.


Pad thai

Anyway, coming back to Sonny Angel... Do you know that the concept of Sonny Angels is that they are sold in a blind box with no indication of which angel is within the box. The blind box concept is wrapped with the element of surprise so the mystery of which angel receive is only revealed after you open the box and the sealed foiled wrapper.

There are also "Secret Angels" and "Robby" hidden in random boxes so it it mandatory that retailers sell their product in this blind box concept. In every version/series there is the ever coveted "Secret Angel" and "Robby" but they are very rare and command a high premium. This is why every Sonny Angel collectors pray hard for a "Secret Angel" or "Robby" before opening a box.

I had the chance to experience this element of surprise as they gave each of us one box to unveil. I got the Flower Series but I really don't know which Sonny Angel will I receive :)

The box

Sealed in a foil

Tada! There unveiling... Not mine but Melody's Sonny Angel! She got the Carnation Sonny Angel. So cute right ^___^

Melody's carnation

I got Poppy! Which has my favourite colour: Purple :) So cute right!!

Dear Sonny Angel Poppy
Poppy in my hands
Not only that, do take note that each Sonny Angel is hand-painted so if you observe carefully at each Sonny Angel, you will realise that they are "lively" in their expressions, and every expression is slightly different. Each Sonny Angel's facial features and headgear is artistically hand-painted thus the lively expression. Every eyeline, lash, eye sparkle, smile and blush is not identical. As well as each hairline and headgear perimeter may be slightly irregular much like human make-up. These factors make each Sonny Angel unique.

Similarly, when you observe their posture, whilst they appear uniformly carbon-copied at first, upon closer inspection, you may notice a slight tile or "swagger" in some of them. This unique feature is like a finger-print for each Sonny Angel where is keenly observed by very sharp-eye collectors who are able to tell two Sonny Angels apart.

Wings on their backs

Lastly, only in Malaysia for every Sonny Angel purchased, RM 1 is set aside for charity. This philosophy is in line with Sonny Angel Malaysia's vision of caring and sharing for the society, with the hope of bringing some cheer and happiness back to our world.

For more information, you can check out their website at Sonny Angel Store or at the Sonny Angel Malaysia Facebook page here.