Vaseline 'Dry Skin Restored' Campaign

Attention to all the pretty ladies out there! Do you moisturize your skin daily? If you do GOOD JOB! Did you know that 56% of Malaysian women still do not moisturize their body regularly? 

Vaseline actually conducted a survey on Malaysian women about moisturizing their skin and guess what they found out?

  • 56% of Malaysian women do not moisturize their skin regularly
  • 61% of them cited that they lack time to moisturize their skin
  • 90% of them realizing the importance of moisturizing. 
Environmental conditions actually cause a lot of harm to our skin. Skin dryness are caused by long hours spent in air-conditioned or dry environment especially for those who work in an office or travel a lot. But did you know that even heat and humidity will lead to loss of moisture from your skin? 

Malaysia, a hot tropical country that is humid plus the fact that most of us still love to take hot, steamy showers actually cause strip our skin of its moisture which will lead to unhealthy skin. 

Due to the lack of importance of moisturizing among Malaysian women, Vaseline Malaysia is embarking on the 'Dry Skin Restored' campaign to educate Malaysians - with the aim of addressing the low level of awareness and priority amongst Malaysians on the benefits of keeping their skin moisturized. 

I was fortunate to be able to attend the launch of the ' Dry Skin Restored' campaign at Delicious, One Utama last week. So now it is my turn to enlighten all you pretty people out there on the importance of moisturizing. 

Vaseline Total Moisture

Appetizers before the start of launch

Emcee: Xandria Ooi

The launch was emceed by the ever pretty Xandria Ooi and she shared her experience that many of her friends and family do not know the importance of moisturizing. This is also why is is important that Vaseline started this campaign to highlight to everyone the importance of moisturizing. 

Assistant Brand Manager Vaseline, Deenie Ong

Vaseline has been understanding and studying skin for over 130 years and they are embarking on this campaign to highlight to Malaysians the importance of protecting themselves from skin dryness and to educate them that body moisturizing is not a lifestyle choice but a daily necessity.It should be part of their daily regime to keep their skin moisturised and protected from the effects of their daily environment, such as walking out of the office for lunch or sitting in an air-conditioned room for hours every day, all of which can dry a person’s skin. We want to make Malaysians realise the significance of how these factors can affect their skin’s moisture level in just 24 hours,” said Deenie Ong, Assistant Brand Manager Vaseline, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd at the launch of the campaign. 

The Vaseline Total Moisture range contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, oat and cocoa butter, and an innovative technology, Stratys-3® to deliver extended moisturization to the skin. 

Let me tell you all the importance of Stratys-3® is a revolutionary multi-layer complex that infused and suspends moisture while delivering nourishment across skin's top, core and deep down layers of skin without the sticky feeling. 

I believe one important factor that we take into account when choosing a suitable body lotion is the sticky afterfeel of using the lotion. I really do not like lotions that feel sticky on my skin or do not absorb into my skin completely. Thanks to the Stratys-3® technology, I do not experience any sticky feeling after using the Vaseline lotion. 

We were seperated into three groups before being taken for the tour of the roadshow and while waiting for the first two groups to complete the tour, the rest of us had the chance of experiencing and testing out the moisturizing power of Vaseline Total Moisture. 

Trying out the Vaseline lotion 

Official launch of campaign

After the official launch of the campaign, we were taken on a tour of the 'Dry Skin Restored' roadshow that was held at the concourse of the 1-Utama Shopping Centre. Vaseline actually set up three specially constructed rooms that replicated Malaysia's hot, humid weather, an air-conditioned room and a hot shower room. These three rooms represents the factors in our daily lives that strip moisture from our skin. 

Xandria Ooi explaining about the three rooms
Credits: Vaseline

So let me bring you through the three different rooms. 

Firstly is the Street Room which represents the Malaysian street. The environment of the room is adjusted to imitate the environmental condition of Malaysian street which is dry and humid. In this room, we measured our skin moisture content and actually this is the first time I am checking my skin moisture. Surprisingly, my moisture content was 60% which was relatively high~

Malaysian street

The next room is the Office Room which is air-conditioned and as all office workers know, air-conditioning actually causes your skin to become dry. However, of course the moisture content of your skin is higher than when you are outdoor. And true when I checked my moisture content in this room it actually increased by 6%.  

Checking my skin moisture content

Lastly, we entered the bathroom where there was a hot shower prepared. After washing our hands with hot water, our skin moisture content was tested again. This time my moisture content increased to roughly 78%. 
Really sorry to Vaseline Malaysia because I may not be the best model to show how well the lotion works 

Hot Shower room

After going through all three rooms, we exited and there waiting was the Vaseline Total Moisture lotion. Although my skin moisture content was already quite high, after using the Vaseline lotion, my moisture content increased to 88.4% which is really high. 

Checking my moisture content after using Vaseline

Final moisture content
As I said earlier, I really like the non-sticky feeling of the lotion on my skin. Vaseline was also having a promotion for their skin lotion which you can get at great prices!

Vaseline lotion range

Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow

After the Q&A Session, we were served some delicious lunch by Delicious, One Utama. Look at the spread of food served to us that day! 

Buffet Spread

My lunch for the day

Desserts for the day 

I hope my post on the importance of moisturizing your skin has made you aware that moisturizing your sin is very important! Head on to your nearest store and grab Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion to get your skin moisturized and healthy! Check out Vaseline Malaysia Facebook page HERE.

I'll end this post with a photo of me and the pretty Xandria Ooi :)

Me and the pretty Xandria Ooi


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