[EVENT]: Duriana Presents A Market In The Skies

Hello everyone! Remember me posting about Duriana Presents: A Market In The Skies that happened the previous weekend? Did you go for the event? You can read my post that I blogged before the event HERE

Anyhow, let me just tell you what Duriana app is all about!

Duriana is a new mobile-first, peer-to-peer marketplace app available in Malaysia and Singapore. Unlike existing classified e-commerce systems such as Mudah and Lelong, Duriana positions itself as a social selling app, which merges the functions of Instagram and eBay. Duriana allows you to discover a world of amazing products for sale – from your friends & neighbors, trendy blogshops or cool local shops you have yet to discover. The app is available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android systems at DURIANA

Just in case you didn't know, the app recently launched its latest version, which introduced a host of new features enabling better browsing which include – email notifications, new categories, cleaner design, and their web app portal, among many other new features.

According to Duriana co-founder Camilo Paredes, “At the core of it, we are a social selling platform, which sets us in a different category compared to Lelong and Mudah. Our app is equipped with viral social media sharing features as well as a built-in chat messenger for users to mingle and interact with one another”

I'm sure many of us have tons of pre-loved items that we don't really use anymore but don't have the heart to throw it away. Well, now you can just find another owner to continue loving your items! Duriana, ss a social marketplace app allows users to share their listings, purchases and wish lists on their social media channels at a simple click of a button, ultimately providing an enriching user and discoverability experience from the palm of your hand.

Using Duriana is super easy. All you got to do is register your account, open a shop and start listing your items!

Now, users can list their items in less than 30 seconds, share it on Facebook and connect with potential buyers almost instantaneously! How cool is that!! Duriana is also heavily involved in organizing their own market events, featuring their mostloved sellers in both large scale and intimate settings, which are an extension of its mobile and web platform.

I actually went late for the event because I went for the Shizens x Butterfly Project Movie date of 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' which was awesome. Anyway getting back to this post, I went for this event with the boyfie and the sister and it was relatively easy to find La Scala which was opposite the Ambank Tower, KL.

When I arrived at the event, there was still a crowd browsing through items at the marketplace. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, check out the event from the photos I took that day :)

Booths of the Day

Remember in my earlier post that 30 of my readers can receive a gift sponsored by FH Club at the registration counter? Check out the goodies that fH club sponsored!

Totally loving that pair of earings sponsored in the gift box and the masks adding into my collection. Thank you fH Club for sponsoring the doorgift and also to Duriana for inviting me to this event! To those out there looking for ways to sell off your pre-loved items, check out Duriana now :)

*Photos without watermark are from Duriana*


  1. so many souvenirs :)


    1. Hi Nick! Thanks for reading. Yeah they have tons of stuff not only for girls but also for guys. You can try the app to make some money with your preloved items too