[ONLINE SHOPPING] Curated Clothing

Happy Monday my dear merry-goers! How's the weekend been treating you? Today I am here to introduce another online shopping website to suit your shopping pleasures! Introducing Curated Clothing, an online shopping website that uses the help of Tumblr!

Curated Clothing are a bunch of dedicated ‘fashion curators’ who bring you fashion trends and some unique
pieces at an affordable price. The site started off from their love for Tumblr and fashion, and has
eventually led to this. All pieces here are sourced from all over the world, and they hope you love
them as much as they do. For the time being, Curated Clothing only ship locally in Malaysia, but they hope to expand and go international one day.

The history of Curated Clothing actually started with three friends who meet on Tumblr from across the globe and their love for Tumblr and fashion resulted in curated pieces that they love and want to share with everyone! The site is based mainly in Malaysia but they are expanding to UK and US under a different name due to copyrights. 

Curated Clothing site offers inspired pieces (Zara, Asos, NastyGal, Stylenanda, you name it) and a lot of underrated designers from Korea, UK and US. Updates would come weekly and the team behind Curated Clothing is trying and working hard in 3 different time zones. Tumblr users also can get updated very easily!

Lots of pretty clothings

Compared to other online shopping sites, Curated Clothing site is actually very 'manual' as they do not use the cart-system which helps to reduce cost since they not only focus on fashion but also donate 10% of their monthly revenue to charity (from pet shelters to soup kitchens)

Order form

These are some of the clothings that really got my attention! Look at the details on these pieces :)

Please hit us with an email for further enquiries:

I really love the pieces available at Curated Clothing and the prices there are quite reasonable too! Check them out HERE


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