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How are all my dear merrygoers doing today? Want to know a little secret to contour your body and firm up those flabby bits? Introducing Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control (Gen4) from Shills! 

I received one bottle of the Miracle-Lift body lotion from Hi-Shop to test out and review it for all you merry-goers! 


This is actually the 4th generation for the Body Contour Lotion which means it is improved four times compared to the first generation. 


Capacity: 250ml

Key Ingredients: L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Pine Bark Extract, Aescin (saponin), Peruvian Uncaria Tomentosa, Soy Isoflavones, Seaweed Extract, Algae Extract, Vitamin C Derivatives, Lecithin, Ginger Essential Oil.

The Shills Miracle-lift Body Contour Control 157% Up (4th Gen) is an all-round heating cream for toned skin and sculpted body contours. With specially added red algae extract, which penetrates into deep skin layers when massaged on skin, this product effectively shrinks cellulite, tightens, soothes and conditions skin, increasing skin elasticity while preventing the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

There are so many complicated and scientific ingredients in this body lotion so I'm going to explain what these ingredients are and how does it help improve your skin!

Not only that, the Shills Miracle-lift Body Contour Control also contain soy isoflavones which helps maintain healthy skin, slow down skin aging by reducing fine lines, and improve skin elasticity and firmness. 

The Vitamin C content in the body lotion is also very essential!! Vitamin C is easily absorbed by skin to help you achieve a deep whitening effect, and thus improve dull-looking skin for a healthy, even and brightened complexion. Quadraple-function coloured capsules firm and tone skin, increasing cell metabolism. Red, pink, blue and yellow micro capsules effectively tighten skin, maintaining healthy, firm and supple skin and preventing skin aging.


Directions for use: Massage appropriate amounts to required areas in circular movements. 

There are instructions on the back of the bottle and on the box showing how to effectively use the body lotion and shape up your body! I use it to firm up my flabby arms which are so difficult to tone as well as the inner thighs! You can also use it to firm up your buttocks and stomach. And no.. I'm not going to show you photos of how I massage my buttocks! 


Now my personal opinion on the Shills Miracle Lift Body Contour Lotion. The texture of the lotion is like regular lotion but slightly thicker with red dots of the red algae in it! It smells rather minty with a woody fragrance. I did not mind the fragrance of the body lotion. The first time I tried the lotion I could feel a slight tingling and burning sensation on my skin especially after I rub it in. 

What I really liked about this lotion is that is not greasy and sticky! I apply it at my targeted areas before I go to work and I really liked that it did not stick on my working clothes so *thumbs up* for that. I could see immediate results on my skin in terms of smoother and firmer appearance. The lotion really absorbs well into my skin and my skin felt so smooth after using it!

After using it for one week, I could feel my skin firming up and not as flabby as before. Mind you I did loose a lot of weight the past few years so my skin was rather saggy *Cries* However thanks to the body lotion from Shills, my skin now looks firmer and has a healthy glow to it!

*One tip: Try exercising after applying the lotion! You will definitely feel the burning sensation and it really helps you to sweat more and burn your fat at targeted areas! *


My rating for the body lotion for contouring and shaping my body is a 4 out of 5! 

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    1. Hi !! Thanks for reading. Yeah the lotion not bad.. Can really feel burning and sweating..

  2. I have saggy skin after second child. this look promising..

    1. Hey sherry.. Ya it really can help to smoothen and tighten skin

  3. Maybe I should give this a try then.

    1. Hi Joanna.. Thanks for stopping by! If you're looking for a lotion to tighten your skin and shape your body you can try this. HiShop is having discounts now and you can use my discount code too. (*^▽^*)