CN Blue Can't Stop Concert Experience

Hey there all my merry-goers! Thank you for supporting and reading my blog. This post is a seriously outdated post but I still got to share my FIRST every concert experience with all of you!

Thanks to the colleague I was able to enjoy my first concert experience with CN Blue! Woo Hoo *jumping up and down* Really thank God for the great experience of standing at the Rock Zone enjoying my favourite Korean Idol Band! Thinking back about the experience is really so A-ma-Zing!

The concert was held at Stadium Negara and I travelled there using the Star LRT Line. Reaching the entrance of the stadium, there were tons of vendors selling CN Blue concert items from light sticks, to banners, towels, jerseys and everything a die-hard Boice would buy.

I even met Jeremy from Red.Fm at the entrance and we had a short talk while waiting for our friends who were both late!

Much appreciation to my colleague for the Rock Zone ticket where I was able to see CN Blue (Yong Hwa, Jong Hyun, Jung Shin and Min Hyuk) from close up.. well besides Min Hyuk of course who was most of the time drumming his awesome beats!

Enough of all the talking... let me show you some of the photos I was able to capture that night. Sorry for the not so high quality photos. Really have got to get a better camera.

Loving the stage setup. Bright vibrant colors *thumbs up*

Jong Hyun
Jung Shin

Min Hyuk

Yong Hwa

Talented Yong Hwa on the keyboard

So cute!! *eye-smile*

Rocker Yong Hwa

Can you see how close I was! Love the shot. 


Really loved how I was able to capture this shot with the light shinning behind him

Since I was standing closer to the left side of the stage, I was able to capture more of Jung Shin compared to the other members! Yong Hwa was too popular with the crowd and it was a massive push and pull to get to him. But Jung Shin was super cute and really gave a lot of fan service to all of us!

It was hilarious when they started talking in Malay *squeals* I super love my first experience at a concert with CN Blue and that I was able to see them so close!! Love their album Can't Stop too!

Fan service! *peace*


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