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Hi my dear merry-go-ers! I'm so sorry for being MIA for the past two weeks! I have tons of back-logged posts and am really sorry to my dear sponsors for delaying my blogpost. Have been really busy at work lately and stuck working at events all day that I actually reach home at 1am most of past week. 

Anyway! I have been dying to introduce all of you to this super cool group known as Tokyo Luxey! I had the opportunity to attend the meet-up session at Acme Bar and Coffee, Troika Mall last month and meet with other Luxeys and the people behind the scenes. Warning: This post is going to be rather lengthy as I have product reviews on the second half of this blogpost.


I actually missed the lunch meetup session but Hanado-san and Maeda-san was really obliging in meeting us Luxey for a dinner meetup. We had some short conversations before Chie Maeda-san started her explanation about Tokyo Luxey.

Chie Maeda-san, CEO of Tokyo Luxey

We were served with yummy food that night but what really stole the limelight was when Maeda-san introduced the Tokyo Luxey Gift Box which is full of great beauty products from Japan!

Dinner of the night

Maeda-san introduced the products in the gift box and we had a hands-on trial on some of the products! 

Beauty products from the Tokyo Luxey Gift Box

Group photo: (L) Grace, Olivia, Chie Maeda, Fish, Me, Hiromi Hanado(R)


Let us proceed to the Tokyo Luxey Gift Box! I have included a video by Tokyo Luxey representative for the introduction of the gift box below. Do have a look :) 

I was given the opportunity to bring back some of the products from the gift box to review and share with all my merry-goers about these great Japanese products!

Foundation: Powder Foundation < 24h Cosme >

So firstly, we have the around the clock natural foundation makeup! Check out the super cute packaging for the powder foundation! I received the 03 Ochre shade which was slightly a bit too dark for me but with minimal usage is already sufficient to give me that perfect base for my skin. Do you know that this product is made from really natural ingredients and not only gives you flawless coverage for 24 hours but you don't have to use makeup remover to remove it! You can now wear stressfree natural makeup on your face without worrying about zits popping up!

No.1 BB Cream from Japan: BB Cream Evangelist

The next product is the Evangelist BB Cream which is the No.1 BB Cream from Japan! After trying out this BB Cream I know why it is the No.1 BB Cream in Japan! By just applying a small amount, you can get really flawless skin as it gives you great coverage. It is also less oily compared to other BB Creams which I really liked since I have oily-combination skin. This BB Cream is also made from natural ingredients so you do not have to worry about having breakouts.

The BB Cream also has UV Protection and is moisturizing so you can actually use it to achieve that natural look and yet still protect your skin.

KIRAAN! Metal Magic Liner by OHYAMA

Looking for that party look? Now you can achieve it with the Metal Magic Liner by OHYAMA! Just line your eye with a layer of the magic liner to add sparkles to your eyes and dazzle those around you. I rarely purchase such bling eyeliner products but I would say that this magic liner can seriously bring out the sparkles in your eyes!

Only thing I didn't really like was the glitter was a bit too large and I would have preferred finer glitter dust.

 Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Dark Ochre) by Fairydrops

Next up is Fairydrops Mineral Powder. For those who know me well, you would know that I have rather oily T-zones and have been looking for the perfect mineral powder. Well I know now that I have found it. I really love the cute packaging of the mineral powder that comes with a cute mirror on the cover. The puff is also really soft and not harsh against my skin. Not only that the mineral powder is really fine and does not cake up on my face. There is a slight vanilla scent to the powder which really smells delicious. 

One thing I was worried about was the puff where I worry that there would be accumulation of dirt which will cause breakouts. But after using it for a few weeks already, my skin is still looking good :) I love using this mineral powder to touch up my makeup and give me that shine-free face.

Dolly Wink Eyelashes

Actually I have never used false eyelashes but I guess this means I've got a chance to try it out! The quality of the falsies are really fine and natural! 


So now it is time for me to put these products to the test!

Do forgive my before picture and my half-sleepy eyes! I was actually up at 6.30a.m to get ready for work


As you can see, my face is definitely not awake and I look so tired. I have some uneven skin tones as well and light freckles.

So let's begin! I started off with a clean face and properly prepped my face with moisturizer. Next I used the Evangelist BB Cream to give me a flawless makeup base. As you can see the texture of the BB Cream is quite thick 
Dab dab dab

After evenly spreading the BB Cream on my face you can see that my skin tone is now even and my dark circles are less visible! See the coverage power of the BB Cream. I love that it did not give me a white cast and make me look like a geisha.

Next up, the 24H Foundation Powder to help set the BB Cream.

After using the 24H Foundation Powder, my skin looked smoother and had better color. I look fresher already!

Just to try out the Fairydrop Mineral Powder, I dusted some of the mineral powder to set my makeup base after I add on some blusher to my cheeks to give me some color.

Now time for my eyes! To open up my eyes, I lined my eyes with liquid eyeliner and add on the KIRAAN! Metal Magic Liner in Pink! 

I think a picture speaks a thousand words! Can you see how my eyes look more defined now and really sparkle without being too extreme? Since I was going for a work event, I only added a light touch of the pink magic liner but if you are going for a party look, you can add more to bring out the party girl in you. 


So this is my final look after using the beauty products given to me! I definitely look much better than my before photo!

I really liked it that the makeup is natural enough for working and if I'm having a night out with the girls, I can just add on more eyeliner and have a brighter lip colour. So what do you think?

To know more on how to use the products, you can actually watch this video below where Nobuto Yanagi, a famous Japanese makeup artist demonstrates how to use the products!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and to find out more about how you can purchase the gift box, you can just click on this link HERE.

If you are interested to be a member of Tokyo Luxey and get to try out great products from Japan, check out their website TOKYO LUXEY

"Share with me what other Japanese brands would you like to try out and maybe Tokyo Luxey will be able to bring them to you"


  1. The meet up looks really fun, wish I could have joined.
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  2. Hey thanks for reading.. yeah it was a fun meet up. Don't worry they will come back and have another meet up soon :) Maybe we can meet then :)

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    1. Love the glitter eyeliner too.. Nope it does not dry hard. You won't even notice it. Really comfortable too

  4. The meet up looks nice and fun ^-^* You're lucky to be able to go there, I think the gift box is really nice too, I love all the products they gave you, expecially the lashes! ♥

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    1. Hi hi.. Yeah. You can join the Tokyo Luxey group too!

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