[MOVIE]: Into The Storm 2014

Ola my dear merry-goers! How are all of you today? I'm back with another movie review thanks to the team at Nuffnang! This time I got the invite to the premier to Into The Storm, a 2014 American found footage disaster film based on hurricanes.

The last movie I watched about natural disasters was The Impossible which was about a real life story on the tsunami disaster in Thailand, 2012. Anyway, I was really intrigued by the teaser for Into The Storm which made me really excited to watch the movie. If you haven't catch this movie on screen yet, here are some snapshots of the movie and also my personal review of the movie :) 

Firstly, let's watch a teaser of the movie.



If watching the teaser still does not make you excited to watch this movie, read on to know more about the movie. Don't worry no necessary spoilers!



The movie layout is in Silvertown and actually revolves around two main character groups:

The family which consist of the father (Gary) and his two sons (Trey and Donnie)
Max Deacon as Donnie and Alycia Debnam-Carey as Kaitlyn

Richard Armitage as Gary Morris

The Storm Hunters (They actually go around hunting down hurricanes and storms to film them)

Titus the weather tank

I personally feel that the movie was quite a nice movie to watch if you are into natural disaster films. I liked the effect they used to film the hurricanes especially this scene below:

It was so cool seeing how the tornado actually swallowed up the fire and also the formation of the hurricane. There were also scenes that were touching where Gary rescued his eldest son and they mend their relationship which was broken.

This movie not only shows us how hurricanes and tornadoes actually form but also shows us the destruction of Silvertown after the storm was over. It is really devastating and shocking to see the massive destruction that was left after the storm. Lives were lost and so much damage was made. 

Not only that, the movie also teaches us to appreciate each other and also to live each day as if it is the last because you never know, that day may be your last day.

Love the quote from Donnie when he was caught trapped under a building and thought he was going to die

"Live each day as if it is your last day because you never know today may be that day"

So do check out this movie at your nearest cinema today and tell me what you think about it