[EVENT] "Beat The Gush" with the New Kotex Soft & Smooth Launch

Sorry guys out there but today's post will be a little more for girls! But feel free to read on to understand us ladies better. 

Pretty merry-goers out there, how many of you face sudden gushes that is not only unexpected and unpleasant but also disrupt your plans for the day? You know that feeling that some of us may name is the "waterfall" feeling? That feeling that comes every month that sends you rushing to the ladies room to check? I'm sure like me, you all definitely HATE that awful feeling. 

These sudden gushes are a common experience during our monthly periods which can happen at any time of the day especially when there is sudden movement like getting up from a chair or climbing a flight of stairs. This not only causes discomfort to us but also cause an anxiety and stress to check for leakages when it occurs thus making us less confident to carry on our daily jobs. 

How many times do you have to turn around and check if there are any stains on your back or asking your friend to check? Worst scenario, going out on a date with your crush and finding out you had a leakage. Oh how embarrassing!

Well now you don't have to worry anymore!! Kotex has just unveiled their new and improved Kotex Soft & Smooth which has been designed to help "Beat the Gush"! Kotex is proud to offer this solition to women all around the world so that women can face the day with confidence! 

The three main features of the new Kotex Soft & Smooth are:

Besides launching the new Kotex Soft & Smooth, Kotex has also kicked off their 'Beat the Gush' campaign! This campaign is supported by confident women who believe in seizing the day and not allowing anything, even sudden gushes to get in their way! They include the pretty celebrity Diana Danielle, popular Instagrammer Qistina Shah (@sqistinashah) and Low Ngai Yuen, founder and president of WOMEN:girls 

I was invited to their Social Media Launch at Terrace, Curve by dear blogger Aerisk and had a blast with Kotex and fellow bloggers! Totally love the setup that they provided especially the huge photobooth and the props which were huge Kotex pads! 

Together with fellow bloggers Sherry and Elana! 

They also prepared a short skit which showed how sudden gushes could ruin that perfect date! Super funny and realistic acting from the actors! So guys out there, do try to understand us girls when that time of the month comes. 

Aileen See, the Marketing Manager at Kimberly-Clark Malaysia sharing with us the latest features of the new Kotex Soft & Smooth as well as sharing the brand's vision as a leader in feminine care that Kotex understands how life can have it's sudden gushes and that we can't allow these sudden gushes to stop us from doing what we want to do. 

The lovely emcee of the night was Julie Woon which was really bubbly and entertained us well! Super friendly and I've been like watching her on 8tv Quickie! 

The star of the night was celebrity Diana Danielle who shared with us her sudden gushes story and her view on the campaign. She believes that 'Beat the Gush' campaign has a larger meaning and believe it is a wonderful positive attitude which will see women through the unexpected moments in life. Together with her was a representative from WOMEN:girls, a non-profit platform to empower women and girls to acknowledge their potential and realize their dreams. 

It was a fun discussion session and hilarious stories were shared.

Besides that, Kotex was super generous with us! They actually gifted us Coach bags for the lucky draw session and the Best-Photo-of-the-Night Instagram photo! Congrats to Sherry for winning TWO Coach bags, one from the lucky draw and the other from the best POTN!

Was very happy to be able to meet both Diana Danielle and Julie! Great down-to-earth personalities! 

And of course thanks to Kotex for the Coach bag which I got during the Quiz Session! Gifted it to my mum :) 

Kotex Soft & Smooth my solution to all the sudden gushes! 

That's not all! Kotex is having their roadshow at 1Utama Shopping Centre from 18 - 23 November and there will be tons of fun and games! So don't forget to stop by First Floor, near Isetan and check them out! 

Find out more on the Kotex® Malaysia Facebook page www.facebook.com/KotexMalaysia or on www.kotex.com.my for news and updates on how to ‘Beat the Gush’. Be inspired by the stories of these confident women plus check out the latest ‘Beat the Gush’ videos. Look out for your favourite Instagrammers too, who will be posting short clips of the campaign, and you get to win amazing prizes by coming up with your own #BeatTheGush caption!

The new-and-improved Kotex® Soft & Smooth range is available at all major outlets. For any other questions, call 1-800-82-1188 (Mondays to Thursdays, 9am to 5pm).