[BEAUTY] Cellnique Reverse Venom Essence Review

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Today I'm going to talk about one issue that most of us especially ladies worry about which is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Yeah I know some of you may feel that you are still young and won't be troubled by this issue but girls out there do you know that fine lines and wrinkles don't only appear once you get old? You can get fine lines even when you are still very young. 

Fine lines and wrinkles appear due to many reasons which may include aging, sun damage, acne, injury and even gravity. Yes you heard me right! Gravity also causes our skin to start sagging if we do not take care of it properly. Skin dehydration or over-exposing your skin to the sun also causes this problem. 

Well, not to worry because today I am here to share with all my merry-goers a solution to this problem. Introducing Cellnique Reversal Venom Essence which has the addition of Syn-Ake and Ceramide Complex. Wait... what?? What on earth is Syn-Ake and Ceramide Complex? Well...

As you can see, Syn-Ake and the Ceramide complex is excellent in smoothing and relaxing the facial muscles which helps to reverse the signs of aging and smooth out all those wrinkles and creases. Well just imagine our skin to be a sheet of white linen. By not taking care of it well, our skin gets fine lines and wrinkles over the years but now with these active ingredients, it's like the Reversal Venom Essence irons and smooths out all the creases in our skin to restore our skin to its youthful appearance!

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So, let's see what are the other benefits of using Cellnique Reversal Venom Essence! 

The product not only smoothens out creases but also helps to regenerate new skin and is an excellent moisturizer. It works just like Botox but without all that needles! *Whee*

So let's see what did I think about it! Firstly I love the packaging which was really compact and had a pump to dispense the product. This made it hygienic and I could control the amount of product I needed. 


Color: Colourless
Scent: Mild Scent
Texture: Water-based serum type
Feeling: Smooth and non-sticky

You only need a pea-sized amount each time and as you can see the product is water-soluble and really absorbed really well into my skin. I love how it was not sticky and the product absorbed really quickly into my skin. Unlike other serums that sometimes leave a sticky feel on the skin, the Cellnique Reversal Venom Essence was really smooth and did not leave any sticky residue. 

To use this product, you just have to cleanse your face well and use a pea-sized amount of the product and massage it into your skin, focusing on the fine lines around the eye are and the mouth area. Don't forget to massage your neck area as well. 

My initial impression about the product was that it was cooling to the skin and I could feel a slight tightening on my skin. After massaging it into my skin, my skin felt cool and smooth. I used the essence every night before my bedtime as well as before putting on my makeup. After using this essence you can continue with your other regime like moisturizer and sunblock. 

After using it for some time, I could see my hyperpigmentation spots brightening up as well as the laugh lines I have or other would call it 'crow feet' around my eye to soften. It was not as obvious as it used to be. The skin are especially around my jawline tightened up as well. Although Cellnique has a really good reputation for their products, I didn't expect their product to work that well. Every morning when I woke up, my face was less oily and looked more refreshed. Overall, I really feel that this product is one of the products ladies should invest in to preserve their youthful complexion. It is never too late start caring for your skin. 

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To get updates from Cellnique, don't forget to check out their Facebook page. You can get more information about the Cellnique Reversal Venom Essence from their website too. 
Cellnique Malaysia: http://www.cellnique.my/
Cellnique Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/cellnique/


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