[Hi-Shop] : Fairy Beauty Clenz and Fairy Beauty Life Food Review

Hey there everyone! Back from Singapore after a few hectic days of work and I'm swamped out! But it was great meeting with blogger friends from Singapore :) 

Last month, HiShop sent me another detox/cleansing product to help me cleanse my body as well and help reduce that unwanted weight. So introducing... Fairy Beauty Clenz and Fairy Beauty Life Food.

"Fairy Beauty is devoted to formulating solutions that help women eliminate damaging toxins from their body, evoke radiant youthfulness and enhance innate femininity. Fairy Beauty essences provide safe, scientifically proven, effective solutions for a whole range of skin and beauty related problems at a very affordable price. You'll see magical effects in just 30 days!"


To help cleanse my body well, HiShop sent both the Fairy Beauty Clenz and Fairy Beauty Life Food. 

Name: Fairy Beauty Clenz
Price: RM 88.00 RM 44.00

Availability: Hi.Shop 

Net Weight: 12MLx10 bottles/box

The Fairy Beauty Clenz comes in 12MLx10 bottles/box with 10 x sterilization straw. There is also a small plastic pin to help poke a hole to insert the straw. Each bottle is packaged in a dark glass bottle and sealed tightly with a thick aluminum foil to prevent oxidation of the product. Fairy Beauty Clenz is manufactured using 100% pure natural organic nano plant essence which is extremely easy for the body to absorb

Once opened, you need to consume it immediately or the nutrients in the product will oxidise and you will lose the benefits of the product. My first impression about this product that it was convenient and would be really easy to bring around. Taste-wise, I personally do not like it. It has a bitter aftertaste on my tongue and I had to seriously hold my breath and gulp down the content. I guess that is due to the concentrated amount of nutrients in the product. 

I consume one bottle every night before I sleep and I could see some changes in my bowel movement every morning. Don't worry if you are worried about uncontrollable bowel movement as Fairy Beauty Clenz acts gently and won't make you go running to the toilet. I also noticed that my dark circles reduced slightly on the 3rd day consuming the product. 

*This is just my personal opinion* 



Strengthens intestines and stomach functions

Eye Protection

Nutrition Boosting.

For more information about Fairy Beauty Clenz you can refer to: Fairy Beauty Clenz

The next product from Fairy Beauty is the Life Food. 

Fairy Beauty Life Food claims to promote effective weight loss on the first intake of adequate nutrition. It helps to burn fat, body detoxification, excess water elimination, effective appetite suppression but also provides the necessary nutrients for the body. 


1. Strengthen body lean muscle composition and contouring body figure
2. Effective in weight management, promote lasting effects
3. Improve cholesterol level, blood sugar level and cardio health
4. Enhance overall body wellness
5. Nourish and replenish body wellness

The product comes in a bottle and is in powder form similar to protein powder. It has a berry aroma and you can see the chia seeds in the powder.

I normally consume this once in the morning as my breakfast and I put around 2 spoons and mix it in warm water. I realized that if I mix it in hot water it does not dissolve well and will form clumps. The first time I drank the Life Food I really did not like the flavour as it reminded me of some medicine I ate when I was young. It has a lot of berries in it so if you like berry flavoured products you will like it. However, after a few times drinking the product I got used to the product and it tasted quite tasty.

The product really works to fill you up and suppress your appetite as the chia seeds will expand and fill your tummy. It also helps in regulating your bowel movements so to those who have constipation you can consume this product as well.

For more information you can check it out at : Fairy Beauty Life Food

Name: Fairy Beauty Life Food
Price: RM 79.00 RM 39.50
Availability: Hi.Shop 
Net Weight: 300g